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Maths Challenge day

The week beginning 3 March was Maths Week when the children were engaged in a host of activities to celebrate Maths. The children were engaged in managing budget of £40 and created products ranging from pencil cases to making mango lassie to sell to parents and children at a special event on Friday 7 March. They had to work out how much they would have to make to sell as well as the costing for their product and then look at the profit margins. We also had lots of our parents who came to lead assemblies during the week as they worked in professions which involved using maths every day, for example one of our parents is a chartered accountant; another is s financial analyst. It was a very exciting week where the children were involved in using and applying their maths skills for a real project.

The children also had Maths workshops which centred on solving problems in a team and this helped them to work co-operatively to decipher mathematical conundrums!