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Philosophy for Children



Philosophy for Children is one of the three pillars here at Newton Farm Primary School.

P4C is enquiry based learning which offers a way to open up children’s learning through enquiry and the exploration of ideas. Children learn that their ideas have value, and that the ideas of other children have value too. Through Philosophy for Children they realise that they don’t always have to be right, but they gain the confidence to ask questions and learn through discussion. We embed P4C throughout the school via lessons, lunchtime question cards, question of the week and interactive displays. P4C is also shared and discussed in whole school assemblies.


We find that developing children into philosophical thinkers has the following benefits:


• A positive impact on relationships between school, teachers and peers

• Builds children confidence, well – being and self – esteem

• They realise that they don’t always have to be right.

• Significant gains in verbal and non – verbal reasoning

• Improvements in listening, communication, behaviour, questioning, reasoning and understanding

• Gives children a chance to think of abstract ideas and concepts

• It brings learners together as a community.

• Gives children a chance to work collaboratively

• Builds children skills in valuing and listening to their peer’s ideas and respecting everyone's opinions as long as that opinion does not hurt others.

Our curriculum for this subject is based on the SAPERE scheme of work.