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Role of Excellence


Roll of Excellence goes to…

TO ALL THE CHILDREN IN ELDER CLASS - Working hard this academic year. 

In Year 1 Elder we made wind streamers to see which direction the wind is coming from and how windy it is. We made it with paper plates and crepe paper. Then we went outside to test it out. Written by Jahsiah

We are learning Statistics and we collected information on our favourite subjects.Then we turned the information into a block diagram. Written by Haasini.

In Year 1 Elder we are doing peer assessments and editing each other’s writing in different colours.

Year 1 Elder have learnt what is a good and bad friend. Then they did a self assessment on how they are a good friend.

Year 1 Elder made their own paper using recycled paper. They did this activity because they wrote an explanation text of how paper is made. I was very impressed with the children’s team work.

Elder class have been learning how to write in present tense by writing an explanation text on how paper is made. The picture shows us doing a shared writing task.

Year 1 went to the Synagogue and learnt about the religious practices of Judaism. Also, they travelled to the Synagogue by bus. This was their first bus journey as a class and I am very proud of how they behaved on the bus.

Year 1 Elder visited Iver Environment Centre and they took part in various activities. They did minibeast hunt, pond dipping and participated in a sensory nature walk. This was part of their Science lessons on Plants and Minibeasts.

Year 1 Elder are learning to divide numbers by exploring and investigating the concept of ‘sharing’.

Year 1 went to the Gurudwara and learnt why the building is special. They saw the shoes rack, hand washing area, prayer hall and the langar. Year 1 even listened to the punjabi kirtans (hymns). The meaning of Gurudwara is door way to feel close to God.

Year 1 Elder have been learning what expanded noun phrases are and how It can be used in their writing.

Year 1 Elder have been learning about Ghana for International week. They presented their learning to the school as well.

Year 1 have been practising their weaving by using their fine and gross motor skills.

Year 1 are busy recreating Kandinskys painting called Color Study. They used different size brushes to paint the concentric circles.

Year 1 have been practising printing using fruits and vegetables.

Year 1 have started to learn about the style of art called Abstarct Expressionism. For the first lesson, the children made a picture using different textured paper and card.

Year 1 Elder went on a Winter walk to observe the season.

This week, Year 1 Elder learnt to name and locate the 7 continents of the world using word wall and an atlas.

Elder Class went to the Woodlands Adventure in Harrow and enjoyed experiencing Forest School on a larger scale.

In English, Year 1 Elder have been learning to punctuate question sentences with question marks and then used their questions to interview Stickman.

Year 1 Elder have been enjoying their Forest School lessons. They have been learning how to make strong houses use natural materials. It was related to the story of Three Little Pigs.

In Geography, Year 1 Elder learnt what maps are and how to make a simple map using a key. Also, Happy Diwali and Happy New Year.

Year 1 Elder did very well with their Picasso style portraits. The children were learning how to explore colours and mark making using a range of tools, techniques and surfaces. They use pastels on cartridge paper. Well done Elder Class! Mrs Shah was proud of you all.

Year 1 enjoyed their trip to Bekonskot Model Village and learnt about what a village looks like and how transport was in the past.

Year 1 Elder went to conduct a survey on Rayners Lane High Street for Geography. We found out that there were more shops than restaurants or take away places. Also we saw many road signs. The children enjoyed seeing the train station and they all asked to see the train.

In Maths, the children were finding one more of a number using concrete resources.

Year 1 have started to learn how to log into the Chromebooks.

Year 1 did a role play as a class on what happened to Rosa Parks when she was on the bus. This was part of our History lesson in which we explored what segregation was.