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Netball League - Group stages

Netball League - Group stages - Passing, Moving and Shooting

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Group Stages:


On Tuesday we had a tournament against several schools which were Heathland, Pinner wood and Weldon Park . We were all really excited but nervous at the same time as we really wanted to win all the matches. 


Our first match was against Heathland. The total score was 18-0 to Newton Farm. Those amazing goals were scored by Isha, Oliwier, Vikashini, Makhathi and Aarav across the four quarters. Our second match was played against Pinner Wood, the total score being 7-1 which as you can tell the team was better than the last. Isha - 1, Vikashini - 2, Makhathi - 2, Shraya - 1, Nirajan - 1. Our last was the decider whether we were going to win the tournament and with all our hard work we won the game. The game was very tight as the final score was 6-1. 3 goals scored by Isha, 2 by Makhathi and 1 by Vikashini. 


Overall, it was fun and we were overjoyed we won though we wouldn’t have done without Mr V’s excellent coaching. 


Article 31 - The right to be able to rest and play.

England vs Ivory Coast

Getting ready for the game

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Lights Show

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Players Coming Out

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National Anthem

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Bowls Champions!!

Football League Reflection

On Monday 28th of March, the selected boys football squad travelled to the Hive to play some games against various schools. We travelled by train and we were very excited to have a chance to win a tournament. When we arrived, we were given our match timetable and we warmed up, while Mr V observed our first opponent to help us have an upper hand against them.

In our first game we played St John’s, a very talented school, who were very aggressive and determined to win. In the first half, they led 1 - 0, and then in the second half, we managed to turn things around and score two magnificent goals to win our first game. The two goal scorers were D’Andre and Steven. We were very pumped up, and Mr V told us we had to do exactly what we did in the first game, and we would win the rest.

In our second game, we faced Camrose, and they had an excellent goalkeeper. We were determined to win, and in the first half, the score remained 0 - 0. Then in the second half, we were given a penalty and Olwier scored spectacularly. We were very motivated now, and Mr V said we have to win the rest of our games from now.

In our third game, we played Avanti House, one of the schools we had beat previously. We were ready to win, but unfortunately we went the whole game without scoring once, and we drew 0 - 0. We were still not worried, because we were undefeated, and we got ready for our next game.

In our fourth game, we played Grimsdyke, a very good school, and when the match ended, we were still 0 - 0, and we drew again. We had to win our last two games, otherwise Mr V said we didn’t have a chance to win the tournament.

Before our fifth game, Mr V gave us a very inspirational pep talk and motivated us to win. We were playing Stanburn, a team that had beaten us last time, but we fought, and we won 1 - 0, with D’Andre scoring a brilliant goal at the end.

Mr V was very anxious, and told us we had to win, anyhow. He didn;t care by how much, he just wanted us to win, so we did what he wanted us to do and won 1 - 0, with D’Andre again, scoring the goal that we would remember forever.

When we sat down, we were very nervous, and when Kevin, the organiser announced that we had won the whole tournament, we were so happy, but had to contain it, because Mr V, said we should be humble in victory and defeat. So, we received our medals, and when we got back to school, we were absolutely overjoyed. We went straight to Mr Bradley and Miss Pindoria and they were so happy that we had won. We were the first team in Newton Farm history to have won a football tournament.

Boys Football League - Group stages

Group Stage Reflection


On Monday 21st March 2022, the selected boys football team went to Avanti House Secondary School to play a group stage tournament. The teams involved were Whitchurch, Avanti House Primary School, St Anselms and Newton Farm (our team). When we got onto the pitch, Mr V gave us a motivational pep talk about how we should play, and encouraged us to keep going and win. 


Our first match was against Whitchurch and we managed to score five goals in total, four in the first half and one in the second. We didn’t concede a single goal. The goal scorers were Steven, Shivam and D’Andre. D’Andre scored two goals, and the other team scored an own goal. We were very motivated by our first win and we went into the second match with a lot of confidence.


In our second match, we played Avanti House Primary School, and we got three goals, two in the first half and one in the second. We conceded no goals. The goal scorers in this match were our two wingers, Nirajan and Oliwier and our striker, D’Andre. Mr V was very excited that we might win, but he told us that just because we won our first two games, doesn’t mean that we have qualified. We still had one game left.


In our third match, we faced St Anselms and we surprisingly managed to win and score twelve goals in our victory. We didn’t concede a single goal and kept a clean sheet throughout the whole tournament. We scored five in the first half and seven in the second. So, Nirajan scored five goals, D’Andre scored two, Oliwier scored four and, Aarav A, managed to get one goal. 


The experience was very nice and as a team we enjoyed coming out of school, having fun and just playing football. The win was also good, but we had fun, which was the most important part.

Girls Football

On Friday 18th of March, the Girls Football Team went to Barnet Fc and played against three schools: St Bernadette’s 1, Roxbourne and St Bernadette’s 2. We were all very excited for this experience at the Hive but nervous at the same time too.


The first school we played was St Bernadette which has two teams so we faced the second one in our first game. The score was 1-0 to St Bernadette’s 2. We knew what we had to do to improve. Unfortunately in our next game where we played against St Bernadette’s 1, the score was 2-0 but we knew we were doing better than we had done before. 


In our last game, we played Roxbourne and the score was 3-0. We had won by two great goals by Vikashini and 1 amazing goal by Makhathi. We played together as a team and we know what we have to improve to win more games in the future. Overall, the whole team loved the experience of playing against other teams in the Hive and enjoyed playing football.


Article 31 - Every child has the right to rest and play.

Girls Football at Watford Fc

Warm Up

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Our number 1

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On Tuesday 1st March, the girls football team competed at a Watford FC Tournament against seven other schools. Our first match started off low, but using our mistakes, we won the second match 3-0, 1 shot by Vikashini and 2 by Makhathi; our defence was great. The 3rd, 4th and 5th matches were greeted by losses, but we came back on the 6th match, by a 4-0 win, 4 scored by Makhathi and they were all because of VIkashini’s amazing assists. We were a little bit disappointed by our last match, where we lost 2-1: we could have scored more.


Overall, it was an amazing experience and we enjoyed it very much. The chance to play in Watford’s dome was a once- in a lifetime opportunity, and we would never forget it. 


Article 31: a right to relax and play.

Boys Football at Watford Fc

Getting ready for the big day!

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On Monday 28th of February, 8 selected boys from Year 5 and Year 6 attended a Football Tournament at the Watford FC training ground.


We played 8 games in total, winning 1, drawing one, and unfortunately losing the rest. The point system granted a team 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. All the schools that we faced were all physically very strong, and it gave our entire team a challenge to go up against. Even though we weren’t able to qualify to the next stage, all that matters now is the experience as it is an absolutely incredibly rare and fantastic opportunity to be able to play at a professional football team’s training ground - I highly doubt that many schools have such opportunities to play at a professional football team’s training ground. I’m pretty sure that we could have performed better than what we showed on the day of the tournament, as we show it in training, but the next step is to actually show the energy we show in training in competitions.


Overall, we had lots of fun, and although we didn’t qualify through to the next stage, maybe the next school’s team going there will be able to qualify.


Grange - Video & reflection

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On Friday 11th February we had a fun and friendly competition against Grange Primary. We competed in 3 sports which were Quick Cricket, Netball and Dodgeball. We were first split into different groups so one group played one sport whilst one was resting on the side-lines.

Upon the arrival of Grange, Mr V and their PE teacher explained the rules of each sport out loud. After this, the groups were sent to the sports that they were instructed to go to. My group was first sent to play Netball. After a while of settling down, the games began.

Netball, in my opinion, was the best out of the three sports. It was really fun and thrilling. Grange were certainly a fierce competition. For this sport, some key skills included speed and communication, which both sides had shown. This was not only fun but was also a display of teamwork and a great opportunity for both sides to show sportsmanship.

The next sport was Quick Cricket. This sport is played by putting 2 balls on 2 tees and hitting it with a bat. You have to run side to side after each shot and the aim of the game was to manage to get the maximum amount of runs you could get. You could score runs by hitting the ball very far and running as fast as you could. Skills needed for this were strength and speed because you had to run as fast as possible and hit the ball as far as possible.

The last and final sport was Dodgeball. The aim of the game is to get as many people out as you can. This is done by throwing the ball at your opponent’s body. If you throw the ball and your opponent manages to catch it, you are out. This was also really engaging and fun for both teams as balls were flying everywhere which made it very hard to dodge or catch. Grange was particularly good at this sport and I myself got out a couple of times!

Both sides, Newton Farm and Grange, were very tired yet everyone shook hands and showed good sportsmanship throughout this event. Both sides went back with a smile on their face.

Y5+Y6 Cross Country

On Friday, 26th of November, Year 5 and Year 6 had a cross country competition to represent the school. There were four schools: Newton Farm, Cannon Lane, Marlborough and Alexandra School. There were 20 people in one race. First, it was Year 5 girls racing then, it was Year 5 boys racing, Year 6 girls and finally Year 6 boys. Newton Farm did really well, in every race, someone from Newton Farm school was in the top three.

The thing that we could improve on is that we could not sprint as much at the start and save the sprint for the last lap.

The article was Article 31 as we had to run and running is a sport.

Netball team Vs Earlsmead primary school.

On Wednesday 11th November, Newton Farm’s very own Year 5 and Year 6 netball team competed against Earlsmead Primary school, in a very tense and exciting game. It was our first ever match of the season! 


When the game started in the first quarter, our movement and teamwork managed us to get  off to a great start leading 11 - 1! Ten of these goals were scored by Makhathi and the other one was scored by Nirajan. There was a rotation in which we had to follow and so the positions and substitutions changed every quarter. In the second quarter, we had won again 4 -1, which was also amazing, thanks to Isha and Shraya. In the third quarter, 5-0 was the final result, scored by Vikashini and Aarav A. The 4th quarter was very tight and we lost 2-1, the goal was scored by Dev. We won 21 - 4. Due to the fact that we had more time at the end, we played a fifth quarter, which was also very thrilling. 


At the end of the whole game, Mr V chose Aarav A as Man of the Match, due to his defensive skills, movement and passing. Overall, the whole team had found this experience very enjoyable and fun and we hope to have more of them in the future.


Article 31 - I have a right to rest and play.


Girls Football Team Vs Grange


On Wednesday the girls football team played their first match of the season against Grange Primary School. We were all excited and nervous at the same time.

When the match started we started well but we found ourselves begin 1-0 down at halftime. During half time we discussed as a team what we should improve on. From that talk we won 2-1 with two amazing goals by Makhathi and Vikashini. We was all so excited as this was our first match and we used our resilience to win the game.

Then we got to play another match. We were all so confident going into the next match. As the first half began we passed and moved the ball well and we managed to score three goals in the first half. Goals were scored by myself , Makhathi and Vikashini. The game ended 3-0 and we loved every minute of it.

Article 31 - A right to rest and play

Boy's Football Vs Grange


On Wednesday the Y5 & Y6 Boys played a football match against Grange Primary School. When the Whistle blew we immediately got to work straight away. We managed to get a goal first in which we were all excited. Just after half time we scored another goal in which we won the first game 2-0.

We were lucky enough to play another match in which we made loads of passes which led us to getting a goal. We had many chances but the game finished 1-0 and we got the victory and everyone was extremely happy as we got the victory.

Article 31 - A right to rest and play

Y6 Trip to Longfield School

The school trip to Longfield,

Not just me but half of the Year 6 were extremely lucky to get a wonderful opportunity to play three very interesting games against another school, Longfield. We had lots of fun with them. The playground was separated into exactly three sections: The first one was quick cricket, next came Dodgeball and lastly handball.

The team we were playing against was very supportive and disciplined. One of my personal favourite games was handball because it was like netball, which I really desire. We had 8 minutes to play each game since there were only five in each group and everyone had to have a chance to take part in each of the games. We had to use a lot of reciprocity and resilience to tackle problems and think about where and how we could move, especially for handball and Dodgeball. Most of all I have to reflect on what I did really well and what I could maybe improve on.

This relates to article 31-Everyone has the right to relax and play.

Barnet Fc Professional Football Visit.

 It was great to have Barnet professional footballers Ephron Mason - Clark and Ben Richards - Everton coming in and having a Q&A session with Y6

Y4 With Watford FC - Trust Joy of Moving Programme

Reflection - PE with Watford


For the past six wonderful weeks, we had PE with Watford. First, we would have a theory lesson indoors and after that we had a practical lesson. For two weeks we did football, the next two weeks handball and the last two dodgeball. For our theory lessons we learnt about physical activity, body and mind, eatwell guide, meal planning, hydration and joy of moving.


I think these lessons were wonderful, both theory and practical and I am sure my friends would agree with me.


These lessons also link with the articles below.

Article 24: Every child has a right to be healthy, have food, and water.


This linked because we learnt about the eatwell guide, meal planning and hydration which is being healthy, having food and water.

Article 31: Every child has a right to rest and play 

This linked because what we were doing was playing a few different games.


I have really enjoyed these last few weeks and I hope we have Watford again soon!