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Y3 & Y4 Football

Y5 Quad Kids

Y5 & Y6 Football

Y3 with Watford FC

Y3 had Watford FC coming in to do PSHE Lessons with us.


In week 1, we wrote the definition of resilience. Next, we wrote about helpful vs unhelpful. This means that there are 5 statements and you have to cross out the unhelpful ones and circle those that are helpful. Also for another activity, you have to make half of a brain that is unhelpful and dark. Another half of a brain that is helpful and colourful. Additionally, you have to write a match report on your resilience.

Finally, there is a challenge every week and this one is about how you can change a bad statement into a right one.


In week 2 we learnt about Self-Esteem. For our first activity, we write or draw what self-esteem is to you. After that, we did a biography about ourselves. For our next activity we had to write down two we are Statements. Next, we flipped them into positive notes. Afterwards, we wrote something we enjoyed like football. We wrote what our favourite joke was and for me, it was what has a tail and head but no body had a coin the final box was what was your dream job and I knew it was a footballer.


In week three we wrote about what makes a good team, what makes you a good teammate and what is the outcome of this. For our team challenge at our tables, we wrote an acrostic poem about team or teamwork. The challenge was what did you do with the person you helped with teamwork.


In week 4 we wrote about developing values. For the first activity, we wrote what an influence means to you. Next, we wrote about what influence a Watford player might have. After that, we wrote about who has the most influence and the least influence. Next, we did bingo and I had only two places left. For the challenge we talked to the people you know about their values.


In week 5 we learnt about diversity. For the first activity, we wrote what diversity means to you. Afterwards, we are valuing diversity, why it is important and how we can have a diverse community. Next we made a team filled with animals and I called it Team Animal.


For week 6 we learnt about inclusion. For the first activity we wrote what discrimination means and what inclusion means. Next we ticked the statements when it was discrimination or inclusion. Next we played lots of fun games like down and under. Also everyone got a sticker.


My favourite week was week 6 because we played lots of games. Such a down and up and left to right.


This relates to article 2  discrimination , article 29 aim for education and article 13 share thought freely.  

Netball Shield Finals

Today, our netball team played in our tiered final.


Our first game was against Cannon Lane in which we were dominant from the start resulting in a 6-0 win which we knew if we won our next game we would be through to the finals.

In the second game, we started slow but managed to end the game strong resulting in us beating Grimsdyke 5-1.


With the stakes high in our semi-finals we knew only a win would take us to the final and we did manage to get the win against Grimsdyke 5-2.


We were now through to the final in which we faced St Anselm’s. We started the game strong taking a 2-goal lead but St Anslem’s managed to come back and take a 3 -2 lead going into the last quarter. In the last quarter, we pushed as hard as we could to get the goal but unfortunately, we couldn't score resulting in us losing in the final 3-2.


What we have learnt from this is that we can’t switch off and we have to punish when we have the chance.


This relates to Article 31 because we have the right to play and rest.  

KS1 Festival

On Tuesday children from Year 1 got selected to compete in a Sports Competition. We had different activities such as throwing, catching, running and scoring goals. My favourite activity was throwing the Vortex howler because I managed to throw it far. I also enjoy kicking the football and scoring goals. 

Egg & Spoon

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Y5 Champion

Cross Country Finals

On Thursday selected children from Y5 and Y6 competed in the cross country final. Before the race, Mr V kept on motivating us and in the first race where a child from Y5 won, which was a great accomplishment for the school. Going forward as a team we could run better. 


Article 31 - Every child has a right to rest and play.

Football Shield Finals

On Wednesday we went to a Football tournament we played 3 games against Weald Rise, Pinner Wood and Stanburn 

In our first match we played against Weald Rise in which we drew with the score of 0-0 We would have done better if we dribbled the ball, passed and then moved into space.


In our second match against Pinner Wood, we drew the match in which the score was :0-0. Although we didn’t lose the match we should've scored more in this game what let us down was our defence.


In our 3rd game, we drew 1-1 against Stanburn. Priam had scored 1 goal. In this game, we didn’t move the ball quickly enough and missed many opportunities.


We should’ve done better in this match as we scored only one goal and our attacking needed improvement. We now know what we need to improve on and next time we will win the tournament.


Overall I believe that we didn’t score enough goals to win the tournament this is something that we will improve on for the future.

This relates to article 31 “Every child has the right to rest and play”. This article relates to our series of drawn matches because if we had no rights to rest and play we wouldn’t be productive and would be studying all the time. Studying and becoming unfit is not good for your wellbeing so it is good to take a rest or play when necessary.

Netball League Matches (2)

Today, our netball team embarked on an exhilarating journey to Roxbourne School for the culmination of our league fixtures against Pinner Park and West Lodge.

Our initial clash against Pinner Park showcased our prowess from the outset. With Priam and Aneesa leading the charge, we swiftly notched up four goals in the opening quarter, demonstrating passing and fluid movement on the court.

As the game progressed into the second quarter,  Through effective communication and strategic play, Niranjan and team captain Diyaana further extended our lead, culminating in a resounding 8-0 victory.

With the stakes high in our encounter against West Lodge, we entered the court with a determination to maintain our standing at the top of the league. The first quarter saw us dominate, securing a commanding 6-0 lead, goals by Priam and myself.

Building upon our early success, we intensified our offensive efforts in the second quarter, with Sherickaa leading the charge scoring seven, resulting in a comprehensive 13-0 win. Our collective defensive prowess and ball-retention tactics ensured West Lodge remained at bay throughout the match.

As the final whistle blew, we revealed our achievement, clinching the top spot in our group standings. This victory not only highlights our skill acquisition and teamwork but also resonates with the principles of Article 31, as we continually strive to learn and grow both individually and collectively on the court.

Basketball Finals

On Thursday 29th February the basketball team travelled to Salvatorian College to compete in a basketball tournament. 


In our first match we played against Stanburn in which we won 7-1 we won. The scorers were Priam - 4, myself - 1 and Shakthika with 2. What we did well was we passed and moved the ball well and managed to be clinical in our shooting.


In our second match, we played Weald Rise who were a tough opponent as they passed and moved the ball really well which we found tuff resulting in us losing 5-0.


In our third match, we played against St.John Fisher in which we knew we had to play a lot better. In a very even match we’d managed to get a draw in which Shakthika got us a basket.


In our fourth match we played against St Teresa’s in which we unfortunately lost 3-1 with Majed scoring a basket. 


Overall I think as a team we could’ve passed and moved the ball better as we did in the first game as well as we need to defend better as a team.


This links to article 31 as we have the chance to play a sport with our friends.

Girl's Football League Final

On Wednesday 28th February 2024 the girl's football team went to compete in a competitive tournament.  

The first game was against Heathland who looked fierce but we managed to defend our goal well. Although we managed to attack well we didn’t manage to score so we lost the game 1-0.


The next game was against Marlborough and this match in which we had chances to score but just missed them.   We drew that game 0-0.
In our third game, against Stanburn, we fought ferociously and never gave up. Using our resilience we passed well and dribbled.  This game was a challenge but we persevered and worked together. The result was a loss of  1-0.


In our last game, against Whitchurch we made some great tackles and saves however we still have some improvements to make in our attacking ability.  As it was the last match, our agility wasn’t as great as the other matches leading to a loss of 4-0.


Despite not winning any games, we were very proud of ourselves and so was our coach.  Playing one player down was a challenge but a brilliant learning opportunity for us all. Overall, we played as a team well and could have improved on our dribbling skills. We could have also attempted to take a few more shots.


This tournament links to Article 29 and 31.  As they both share points related to developing the student's talents and abilities and promoting this.  They also relate to relaxation and leisure.  This football tournament pushed us all to rise to our talent and develop further skills.   

Bees Cup

On Wednesday, February 7th, the girls' football team embarked on an exciting journey to the Hive, ready to showcase their skills and compete against other talented teams. The tournament featured five intense matches, and although we secured victory in one, each game presented a unique learning opportunity for our team.


In the first match, we played Weald Rise faced challenges, finding ourselves standing still and we weren’t strong enough to bring out our best performance. We lost 2-0. Recognizing the need for improvement, Mr. V, our coach, concluded the first match with an inspirational talk aimed at motivating and guiding us towards a stronger game.


In our second match, we played Whitchurch in which we lost 5-0 there was a noticeable improvement as we became more dynamic, and actively running around the field. However, perfection was still not there and we acknowledged there was still room for refinement in our gameplay. 
However, in our third match, we played Norbury our performance reached an impressive peak. Our striker, Shatika, showcased her exceptional skills by scoring two goals, securing a decisive victory for the team.  We managed to win our first-ever match 2-1.
However, in our fourth match, a noticeable shift occurred as the energy levels on the field suddenly dipped. Consequently, our team wasn't as fast and agile as we had been in the previous matches. We lost 6-2 against Cannon Lane.


In our fifth match, the challenge of maintaining high activity levels persisted, leading to another loss for the team. We lost 6-0 to St Bernadette’s. 


Overall we had a great time and we got to train hard so we can do better next time.

This links to Article 31.

Indoor Athletics

On Tuesday, we went to Whitmore High School to compete in an Athletics tournament. We had a series of events in which we had to compete in, including Relay Race, 300m, 100m, 50m, Javelin, Chest Push, Shot Putt, Standing Long Jump, Speed bounce and vertical high jump.


In my opinion, I favoured the shot putt out of all the other events I competed in due to the fact that it was the sheer satisfaction of how I could throw a 600g ball quite far. 


This links with article 31 as article 31 is associated with the child being able to rest and play.

Y4 Trip to Watford Stadium

On Monday we went on a magnificent, spectacular trip to the Watford stadium on Vicarage Road. On the trip, we had an English, P.S.H.E, Maths lesson and a tour of the stadium.


In English, we were talking about a match between QPR and Watford. We figured out that Watford won by four goals. After looking at our information sheets we split ourselves into groups. We then got players, managers and reporters. Every person had a job. Players and managers had to answer questions that the reporters would ask. Once the reporters were ready we went into the media suite to do our reports. Every group got a chance to do theirs and would get one of the four key stickers which are (be connected, be ambitious, be inspiring and be fair).


In P.S.H.E. we were deciding the most important things till the least important to make a successful team using the cards we got. Most of us chose conflict management at least but a growth mindset first. Our next task was to make three new things and put them on our list to make a successful team. We then got an A3 paper so we could play a game. The first rule was to draw a pitch. The second rule was to halve the paper. You would have to stay on your paper if you didn’t lose. You would continue doing it until there was only the middle third. 


In Maths, we were doing area and perimeter. We got a mini worksheet and pencil so we could go outside to the pitch for a better look even though we already had the measurements. We had to find the area and perimeter of the images for the first two pages but on the last one, we had to create the area and perimeter of our imaginative pitch and then draw it out on the squared paper. The best thing was we got to sit pitchside and complete our Maths task.


We then got to take a tour of the stadium. We started by trying the seats the manager and players would sit on and I would personally rate it 10/10 as they were so comfy. We then went into the home changing rooms. They were so big and there were baths, a mini gym, boards, snacks, lockers and seats. It felt like a house. After we went into the away changing rooms and there was only a boring locker and seats. I felt very sad for the people who had to survive in the away changing room. We then got to look at where they would give commentary but it was a very tiny room with nothing interesting. Then we got a sneak peek of the medical room where there was a massage bed to help heal the injured people during or after the match. 


This links to articles 28 and 31 as we were able to have an education in sports and the freedom to rest, play and learn.

Netball League Fixtures

In a thrilling netball encounter on Friday the 26th, the competition unfolded between our team and formidable opponents, Roxbourne and St. Anslems. The day kicked off with a showdown against St. Anslems, and during the initial quarter, Shakthika's impressive 3 scored had set the stage for a promising lead. Despite St. Anslems' response with a score of 1, the 2nd quarter remained a defensive deadlock, creating a strategic advantage for the opponents to potentially bridge the gap.


As the tension heightened in the 3rd quarter, St. Anslems sought to close the margin against our team. However, Sherickaa's crucial score of 1 fortified our position, providing a substantial advantage. The momentum swung back and forth, setting the stage for a nail-biting conclusion.


In the last quarter, St. Anslems unleashed a determined effort, scoring a pivotal 3  and bringing the match to a tense tie. With the clock ticking down, our team responded with composure, securing a decisive score of 1 in the closing minutes, clinching a hard-fought victory of 4-5. The resilience and strategic prowess displayed by our team illuminated the court, marking an exciting chapter in our netball journey.


Still , the competitive spirit remained fervent,we still had one more team to go against Roxbourne. Our adversaries showcased their prowess with a commendable 6 points, countered by our team's strategic plays that resulted in 3 points – a masterful 2 by Shakthika and 1 by Rishon, all within the initial quarter.

As the game progressed into the second quarter, Akshayan contributed another point, narrowing the margin to 4-6. Nevertheless, Roxbourne responded with an additional 3 points, reinforcing their lead. Undeterred, we entered the pivotal third quarter with unwavering determination, knowing it was our opportune moment to reverse the tide.

During this critical phase, our team's collective efforts yielded a substantial turnaround. Sherickaa and Diyanna showcased their prowess, earning 4 points – 3 by the former and 1 by the latter. This remarkable performance positioned us favourably for a potential victory.

The culmination of the match in the fourth quarter proved to be intense and gripping. Shakthika's skillful plays resulted in 3 more points, levelling the score. 

Y4 with Watford FC - Joy Of Movement Program

Week 1: Physical Activity / Handball

We started with learning the basics, being interactive and measuring our pulses. Everyone measured their pulse in all sorts of ways. All activities should make you breathe faster and feel warmer. For example cross country, it keeps us healthy and maintains our weight. Vigorous, is when you do something to make your heart rate go up a bit. Moderate, is when you hike, bicycle and do yoga. 

After the inside activity, we went outside with Paul and learnt handball. My favourite activity was that we could pass and move the ball.


Week 2: Body & Mind / Handball

We had to group words into each circle like karate, which goes into strength, athletics which goes into Flexibility and finally swimming which is stamina. Learning different types of activities that include strength, flexibility and stamina can help us to get fit. Also, we learnt how they could affect us in all sorts of ways.


Week 3: Eatwell Guide / Netball

The Eatwell guide tells us how much of each food plate we should have. As you can see, we should have lots of vegetables, fruit and carbohydrates, as it has a bigger portion. If we have too many oils and spread, we can gain weight and they also have lots of energy in them, which is why they are a smaller portion. In the lesson, we drew and labelled the three meal plates to show what we ate at home. Our teacher put us into groups of 4 at our table, we each got a name from the Eatwell guide and we had to write about it. 

In Netball we learnt how to pivot and pass and move the ball and work as a team.


Week 4: Meal Planning / Netball

This week, we have been planning a meal for Hornet, the Watford mascot. We had a sheet of scrap paper and started with the title of the restaurant, mine was Hornet’s Diner. After we had written the title, we started making our breakfast like oatmeal, and milk with chopped bananas. All of us had to label each food group and also write dinner and lunch.


Week 5: Hydration / Football 

In week 5, we have been learning about hydration and dehydration. Hydration Is good whereas dehydration is bad, as you lose fluids in your body. You know, if you have enough water, your urine is going to be in the middle of clear and dark yellow. But if you are drinking too much water your urine would be clear.  Signs of dehydration are feeling thirsty, having headaches, losing concentration, having dark urine and when your mouth is dry. Also, we coloured picture cups to show what we drank, e.g. M stands for milk.

In Football, we learnt different types of skills such as step over we also learnt different ways in which we had to dribble the ball.


Week 6: Joy of Moving / Created Christmas games 

Week 6 was the best, as we played human bingo and wrote a letter about everything about Watford so far, to tell our future self. Human bingo was so fun because we asked our classmates questions about their lifestyles and then wrote their names underneath the question if they do, do that. Then we wrote about everything, including Emma, our teacher.  

In week 6 it was my favourite because we got into teams and we got to make up our own game. The game we created was that we had to dribble the ball towards a Christmas goal that we created and we had a Grinch that was stopping us from scoring.

Netball vs Earlsmead

Reflecting on the netball match between Newton Farm and Earlsmead, it was a riveting display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship. The game unfolded over four quarters, each contributing its share of triumphs and challenges, ultimately culminating in a resounding victory for Newton Farm with a final score of 17-2.

In the opening quarter, Newton Farm asserted their dominance with a strong start. Priam's impressive 4-point contribution and Aneesa's additional 2 points set the stage for a match characterised by coordinated efforts and effective teamwork. Earlsmead faced a formidable defence and struggled to score, setting the tone for a challenging game ahead.

The second quarter witnessed Akschayan extending Newton Farm's lead with more points, while Ealsmead showed improvement by scoring 2 points. Despite their efforts, Newton Farm showcased resilience and adaptability, maintaining control on the court and reinforcing their early lead.

As the match progressed into the third quarter, Rishon added another point for Newton Farm, widening the gap further. Earlsmead found it challenging to break through Newton Farm's solid defence, resulting in a scoreless quarter for the opposing team. Newton Farm's strategic play and defensive prowess continued to shine, showcasing their overall mastery of the game.

In the fourth quarter, Niranjan's additional point secured Newton Farm's lead, while Earlsmead exhibited determination in the face of a cohesive opponent. Newton Farm's solid defence limited Earlsmead's scoring opportunities, sealing their victory.

The extra time brought further emphasis to Newton Farm's dominance, with Priam scoring 2 points and Shakthika delivering an impressive 6 points. The match concluded with a decisive score of 17-2 in favour of Newton Farm, highlighting their exceptional teamwork, offensive skills, and robust defensive strategies.

This athletic competition aligns with Article 31, emphasising the right to rest and play. Engaging in sports provides individuals with a valuable opportunity to take a break from work, fostering mental and physical well-being.

Y5 & Y6 Cross Country

On Thursday, at Newton Farm Park, a total of 32 children enthusiastically participated in a cross-country competition, showcasing their athletic prowess. The event comprised distinct groups, including Year 5 girls, Year 5 boys, Year 6 girls, and Year 6 boys.
Initiating the competition with the Year 5 girls, Selena secured an impressive 9th place, leading the charge for her peers. The entire Year 5 girls' cohort demonstrated commendable performance, with all participants securing places within the top 39 out of the 49 girls who participated.

In the Year 5 boys' category, Rishon emerged as the frontrunner, securing the coveted first place, much to the joy of the entire group. The remaining Year 5 boys also exhibited strong performance, collectively attaining positions within the top 31 out of the 53 participants.

Moving on to the Year 6 girls' competition, Reema claimed an admirable 3rd place, while Devansu secured 9th place, both solidifying their positions in the top 10. The Year 6 girls as a whole excelled, with every participant achieving a rank within the top 44 out of the 52 girls in the race.

In the concluding Year 6 boys' race, Zachariah achieved a notable 3rd place, with Priam closely following, ensuring the team's continued success. Remarkably, all Year 6 boys finished within the top 42 out of the 56 participants.
The team's impressive performance earned them the opportunity to advance to the final day, with the Year 5 boys and Year 6 girls successfully securing a place among the top three. Anticipation and enthusiasm abound as the team eagerly looks forward to the upcoming final day.

In alignment with Article 31 of children's rights, emphasising the right to relax and play, this sporting endeavour not only promotes physical well-being but also underscores the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Basketball Tournament Y6

In our basketball tournament, we had 4 games and the first game was against Stanburn and we won 5-0, Priam scored 4 and Reyansh scored 1, we did well on the passing and the movement and we defended well since we did not concede a goal.


The next game was against Longfield and we won again by 5-0, Priam scored 1 and Aneesa scored 2, then Reyansh and Majed both scored 1, we did well on the defending because we did not concede a goal and we also did well on the movement for when we were blocking people’s shots.


After we were going to play Camrose and we lost by 2 goals and the score was 6-4, Priam had scored 3 and Majed scored 1, we tried to block and defend people’s shots, however, they managed to score but we tried to come back but it was the end of the game.

After we had our semi-finals against St Teresa and we had lost 3-0 against them, we did well passing and moving but we couldn't take our chances.


We managed to qualify which we were all happy about we need to take our chances in the big games for us to win.

Article  31-Every child has a right to rest and play. This article is used because we have played the game and we had a lot of rest so we could win all of the other games.

Basketball Tournament Y5

On Tuesday we went on a trip to Salvatorian College for a basketball tournament. As soon as we arrived, we started training, for example, shooting and getting past players while we waited until our opponents arrived.


In the first game, we were against St Teresa’s but we sadly lost 2 - 0 we were just getting started. We passed the ball well but we didn't finish our chances.


In the second game, we were against Longfield ‘2’, and we ended up winning 7 - 2. Rishon scored 4 baskets while Sherickaa scored 2 and I scored 1. We won this game by passing, moving and taking our chances well.


Next up was a match against Stanburn’2’ and we won 3 -0 with Rishon, Sherickaa and Vivin all scoring 1 basket. This game we won as we defended really well and conceded no baskets.


As we finished top two, we were in the playoffs to qualify, this match was tough as we were against Camrose. The game was very tight as it came to the last few minutes into the game when they scored. I scored 1 basket but in the end, we couldn’t get back into the game. We had lost 2 -1. 


Overall as a team, we played well as we passed and moved the ball well which was our strong point. Going forward we need to take our chances in games.


I think Article 31 links to our trip. This article represents rest and play. This article relates to the trip because we played and this helped us rest our minds from our studies. If we had no rights like these, then we would only study which is not good for our brain.

Girls League Football - Group Stages

On Friday, 7 girls were selected to play against 4 schools
(Grange, Roxbourn, Heathland and Belmont). It was a 7- 7-a-side game. Our first match against Roxbourne was tough, we passed and moved the ball well but we weren't able to score a goal. Regrettably, the final score didn't swing in our favour, concluding with a 3-0 outcome.


In our second game against Grange Primary School, we did a little bit better. We all defended and dribbled well and nearly scored a goal. Sadly the match ended with a 1-0 outcome to them. However, this defeat pushed us to analyse our individual performances and work on tightening our defensive strategies.


In our third match against Belmont, we managed to secure a 0-0 draw. The draw brought a sense of accomplishment among us, showing that with determination, improvement is possible. This motivated us with renewed determination for success in the upcoming match.


Unfortunately, the positive momentum didn't carry into the final match against Heathland School, where we suffered a 2-0 defeat. Despite the setback, we recognized that every match was a learning experience. The losses, although disheartening, revealed areas of weakness that we needed to improve on for future games.


Reflecting on the entire experience, it's clear that the journey of a sports team involves both victories and defeats. The losses at Belmont School were not just about the scores but about the growth and development of each player. This relates to Article 31 as we have the right to rest and play. At the end of the day, “the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Boys League Football - Group Stages

On Friday the boy's Football team went to play their league fixtures at Belmont School. The teams that we had to face were Heathland, Belmont, Grange and Roxbourne.


In our first game, we faced Heathland in which we managed to score first but only managed to draw the game 1-1. 

In our second game, we faced Roxbourne which was more physical than us but we managed to defend well and had chances to score unfortunately we didn't so the game ended 0-0. 


In our third game, we faced Grange in which we dominated the whole game but we just couldn't score.


In our final game, we faced Belmont knowing that we had to win the game, it started well as we scored first but Belmont managed to score so the game ended 1-1.


I feel like we played well but we couldn't score a goal and in football, if you don't score more than your opponent you won't win the game. 


This relates to Article 31 - We have a right to rest from work and play with our friends. 

Barnet Cup

On Wednesday, the football team was selected to go to the tournament in Barnet to play against other teams to get selected for the finals in March 2024. It was a 7-a-side, We had 6 teams in our group(Pinner Wood, Elmgrove, West Lodge, Stanburn, and Saint Jerome) and each match was 10 minutes long with no halves. The top two teams advanced to the finals.

In our first match, we played against Pinner Wood in which the game finished 0-0 although we passed the ball well we couldn’t score.

In our second game, we played against Elmgrove in which they were very physical and we struggled to keep the ball although we had chances to win the game we managed to get the draw. 

Going into our third match we talked about trying to score a goal we played against West Lodge in which they passed and moved the ball well which we found hard to deal with resulting in a 3-0 loss. 

In our fourth match, we narrowly lost 1-0 in which we created chances but we still couldn't score a goal.

In our final match we played against St Jermoe just like against Stanburn we did everything right but couldn't score so this resulted us in drawing again 0-0.

I feel like we played well but at the end of the day in Football, if you don't score you won't have a chance of winning the game. 

This relates to Article 31 as children we have a right to play. 

Netball vs Roxbourne

On the 10th of November 2023, our netball team represented our school by competing against Roxbourne Primary School.

We had a great start in the first quarter, we passed and moved the ball well in which we managed to score two goals but in truth, it should have been more. 


In the second quarter, we didn’t move the ball quick enough which led to Roxbourne scoring a goal.

Going into the third quarter we were winning 2-1, in the third quarter we were much more clinical resulting in us taking a 6-1 lead. 

Going into the fourth quarter we didn’t defend as well as we did in the first two quarters resulting in Roxbourne coming back and narrowly the score to 6-4.


We played a final quarter and we knew we had to play a lot better which we did, resulting in us winning the game 12-6.

I really enjoyed playing this match with my teammates, and I hope we get more matches like this. We will use this game to motivate us into our next game so we can play better in every quarter. 


Article 31 - Every child has the right to rest and play. This is important because we need exercise to relax our mind.

Basketball Tournament Y6

On Monday We went to a basketball tournament against Roxeth school and we played 3 matches against them 

In our first match, we played against Roxeth 2 which we won with a score of 7-1. Priam scored five baskets and Aneesea scored two baskets. In the game, we had done extraordinary in passing and dribbling.


In our second match against Roxeth 2, we drew the match in which the score was :3-3. Priam had scored 2 baskets and Linojan had scored 1. Although we didn’t lose the match we should've scored more in this game what let us down was our defense.


In our 3rd game, we won 3-2 against our year 5 Newton Farm team. Priam had scored 2 baskets and Aneesea had scored 1. In this game, we didn’t move the ball quick enough and we missed many opportunities. This meant that we had to win the next game.


In our last game, we played a 6v6 in which we mixed up the year 5 and the year 6 teams. In this game we won 6-2. Priam scored 3 baskets, Rishon scored 2 baskets and Aneesa scored 1 basket. In this game, we dribbled, passed, and defended well. We should’ve scored more in this match but will use this to do better in our next competition.


I felt that this experience was amazing because we had worked as a team to win most of the matches.

This relates to article 31 “Every child has the right to rest and play”.This article relates to our game because if we had no rights to rest and play we would be studying all the time and that would not be good for your brain so it is good to rest or play when necessary.

Basketball Tournament Y5

On Monday we went on a trip to a basketball tournament. To get there we went by bus. Everyone could not wait to have fun. At the tournament and enjoy. When we arrived, we were training and shooting in the hoops while waiting for the other team to come.


In the 1st match we played against Roxeth 1 and we won 2-1 with Rishon scoring two baskets. In this game, we passed and moved very well and were happy with the win.


In the second match, we ended up winning against Roxeth 2  3-1 in which Rishon got two and Vivin got one basket. In this game, we took our chances well and defended well.


Now in our last match against the year 6’s and we narrowly lost 3-2. We could have won but we started slow which caused us to concede.


I found this competition fun as it was my first time going to a tournament. I liked this tournament because  I got to enjoy and have fun and play with my friends and do my favourite sport which I enjoy learning.


I think Article 31 relates to this. I have a right to rest and play. This relates to this because you're playing and enjoying the moment and playing with your friends and outside enjoying your freedom.

Boys Football vs Earlsmead

I think that overall in the game we played alright. As we moved the ball passed and took shots. I think in some parts of the match we needed to improve, like decision-making. I think that we could have taken our chances more clinically as there were a lot of chances to win the game but we missed. We also didn’t make many mistakes apart from letting an Earlsmead boy dribble through all of us. As a team we also let one boy from Earlsmead dribble through all of us so we could work on tackling him. We could also improve on keeping calmer on the ball as Mr V said. I think from my point of view I played really well earning 2 assists and 2 goals in a 4-4 draw. I also listened to Mr V’s feedback and kept on doing it to help anyone on the team score. However, I could improve on being more physical and tackling with more force. Attacking wise I think I played well but could improve on passing into spaces.


The article that relates to this is article 31 - Rest and Play.

Girls Football vs Earlsmead

On Monday 16th of October girls and boys had a football match against earlsmead Unfortunately we lost 8-1. That one goal was by Shreya who skilled the goalkeeper and scored. Everyone was cheering! We had a brilliant team and the skilled players were Devansu, Shakthika, Aneesa, Geezna, Raashi, Aleena, Selena, Anya and me. They were very aggressive to us, so we had no other choice but to 


Even though we didn’t win, our defender tried as hard as they could to defend the attackers. Earslmead had a skilled striker who scored many goals.On the other hand, a lot of people had fun and we all are looking forward to our next match. Our mistakes from our last match will be leading us to a game where we win. 


This relates to article 31 which is to have a right to play, rest, cultures and arts. Article 28 to have a right of education to learn more tricks of football.

Y5 & Y6 Cross Country

In our cross-country meet against 3 different Schools in Harrow, we demonstrated resilience and sportsmanship. It was an extremely competitive event which the majority of us started with pride but realised sooner or later that it was not the best cross country race as we had not managed to complete first but I am still pleased with mine and our teammates' perseverance. Many of us, including me, started phenomenally as Naranjan, Zachariah and I were in the top 3 after repelling ourselves from the start. Suddenly, the amazing start deteriorated at a rapid speed as we had gotten overtaken by opposition kids with an innumerable amount of stamina but the fact that Y5 Girls, Boys had finished first overall is a great achievement. Sooner or later, we found ourselves that we might be the fastest in the School but it is nothing compared to the immense world incoming. At the finish mark, we finished first overall and we shook hands with the opposition and we supported many staff members in carrying the sustaining poles.


Our team's commitment related to Article 29 of the UNCRC, which promotes the development of physical and mental abilities, was conspicuous. However, there's room for improvement. We need to refine our race strategies and pacing to ensure consistent performance. Better communication amongst our teammates and endure and contaminate better stamina. Aligning with Article 12, can lead to improved coordination during races. Recognizing our achievements in promoting health and well-being (Article 24), we'll continue to train hard, supporting each other in every single way and will be up and ready for the next thrilling, competitive race.

Y5 & Y6 Quad Kids

On Tuesday, the 10th of October, the Quad Kids team had an exciting day at Bannister Sports Centre, participating in an athletics competition. We took  part in a 600m run, 75m sprint, long jump, and the vortex howler.


The day began with the 600m run, which was organised in groups. The girls started, and most of them performed really well, often finishing in the top 3 or 4 positions. Meanwhile, the boys were busy with the long jump and vortex howler. Some of the scores were 25.50 for the vortex howler and 2.10 for the long jump. Each of the boys had three attempts to achieve their best score in these events.


After everyone finished what they needed to do we had a quick snack and swapped what we were doing. This time, the boys did the 600m sprint, with all of the boys successfully completing it in about 2 to 3 minutes. The girls, on the other hand, scored above 6 in the vortex howler and 1 in the long jump.


To wrap up the day, everyone participated in the 75m sprint, divided into groups of 7 to 8. In this event, the focus was on the time recorded rather than the final placement.


The day was full of fun events and we all really enjoyed it!

Article 31 - I have a right to relax and play

Italy's Mascot

Arsenal's Mascots

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Y5 & Y6 Sports Day

Nursery Sports Day

Y4 Trip @ Barnet FC

Yesterday, year 4 went on an exciting trip, which made us full of awe. We went to the hive! On the trip, we met Mr Bumble (Barnets mascot), which made us feel happy and excited.


 We also had a big tour of the stadium. We saw the pitch, cafe, gym and even had a picture. We learnt what the players eat and drink and how they exercise. We also looked at famous footballers that visited the hive including Mbbabe and Neymar.


While one class was doing this, the other was on the training grounds split into our teams. Next we played matches against all the teams. We had excellent matches with penalties, free kicks and loads of goals. Even the teachers played for some teams!


Our team won 1 match and drawed another. Even though some matches we didn’t win, we enjoyed it and had loads of fun. 

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Training Ground Tournemant

On the 16th June 2023 Newton Farm school went to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Training Ground where they held a football tournament. Each match was 10 minutes.There were 2 pitches where 4 teams were playing and 1 team had a rest and there were 5 teams.


Our first match was against Sacred heart who were a decent team. They had this amazing striker but we managed to defend him. We then had a throw which Yussuf launched the ball to D’Andre and slotted it in the bottom corner.

Secondly, we played who also had a good striker and again our defence had handled him. They also had an amazing goalkeeper who kept on saving our shots but we managed to score against them with another throw-in from Yussuf and D’Andre slotted in the bottom corner.


In our third match, we played Stillness school who were the best team yet as they dominated us and had more possession than us. First they had scored and we had managed to come back when I took a corner and D’Andre headed it in.But in the last 2 minutes they managed to score.


In our fourth game, we played Oakington Manor who were a good team and I scored two bangers which made the job done as D’Andre scored another goal which made it 3-0 and then they had scored another goal which didn’t really make a difference.

Now we had to play all the teams  one more time which really made a difference of who will go into the finals.


Fifthly,we played Sacred Heart.Somehow they had won us 3 - 1 with Priam making us have only one goal. We needed to win the next match or else there was no chance of us going to the final.


We then played Chase Side where me and Yussuf scored which made the score 3-0 which was safe for us.


Our biggest challenge was Stillness school still managed to score against four goals our defence was switched off. In round 4 we needed Stillness to win Oakington Manor which they managed to, which gave us a big chance to go in the finals.


In our last match I scored a penalty and made the score 1-0 and we really were celebrating so hard.


No we were in the final against Stillness, pressure on us but we managed to make it 0-0. We had gone to penalties  which we sadly lost 3-2 on pens. We were miserable, crying but we still made an achievement with the best school.

Mixed Football Team

On Tuesday the mixed football team competed in the Watford Trust tournament at the Cedars Youth Centre. We played against 6 schools - Whitchurch school, Marlborough, Heathrow, St Joseph and Stag lane.


The first game we played was Stag Lane where we won 3-0. The team passed and moved the ball allowing us to score more goals. What we can try and do better is try to press the player who is attacking our goal. D’andre, Nirajan and Jeeya scored.


The next game we played St Joseph where we lost 3-0. Even though we were losing after St Joseph scored we never gave up. I think in this game we can improve getting tighter to the players, preventing them from turning.


The third game was against St Teresa where we lost 4-1. I think we could have moved the ball quicker stopping them from scoring early goals and when we are given chances we need to finish them. Yussuf scored a goal.


Our next game was against Whitchurch school where we lost 1-0. I think we worked well when we recycle the ball and when we took our time on the ball our passes become more effective.


The fifth game we played Heathrow when we won 1-0. I think we could improve on our communication but we managed to break through with a setup from Nirajan and a finish from D’Andre.


In the final game we played Marlborough where we won 2-0. In this game the team tried really hard to release the ball to players in open space. We scored 2 goals 1 from D’andre and one from Nirajan.


Overall we placed 3rd and this competition was a good opportunity to show our abilities.

Netball Match vs Heathland

Netball reflection: 


On the 9th of June 2023, our netball team represented our school by competing against Heathland Primary School. The people on our team are: D’Andre, Jal, Hansika, Hayley, Aarav , Yussuf, Reema, Nirajan, Amelia - and our new members -  Annai and Sivika. The match was in our school grounds.  Fortunately for us, we won 14-1. 


We had a great start in the first quarter, although we struggled to pass the ball because of the other team’s defence. Despite us not passing the ball as we should, what we did manage to do in the first quarter was being clinical. 


In the second quarter, we did the opposite - we passed and moved the ball but we weren’t clinical enough. So we knew in the third quarter that we should pass and move the ball and be clinical at the same time, which we did in the final quarters. 


 This led to our win. Mr V was very supportive of everyone, including the other team. Overall, everyone played really well and the game was challenging but we persevered and we played really well - we also found it really fun. But, we thought that we could improve by communicating more because we could’ve got more goals in.


I really enjoy playing netball and I hope that we get to play more games in the future. 

ARTICLE 31 - Every child has the right to rest and play. 

Y6 Athletics

On Monday 12th of June, chosen people in year 6 went on a trip to Bannisters sports centre to compete in a competition with some primary schools in Harrow. There were 5 events and certain kids were chosen to do different events. There was the 75 metre sprint, 600 metres run, a standing long jump, a vortex howler and a relay race.


Doing the 75 metres sprint was: D’Andre, Navraj, Sivika and Jal.

Doing the 600 metres run was: Aarav, Samir, Amelia and Gia - Devi.

The standing long jump: Nirajan, Yussuf, Mahati and Harshini.

Vortex howler: Brajesh, Joash, Amaal and Annai.

4 x 100 / Relay race: D’Andre, Yussuf, Harshini and Jal.


Everyone doing the events did extremely well and you got points for where you came. Newton Farm got 131 points but unfortunately we didn’t qualify for finals day on the 28th of June.


Article 31: Children have the right to have fun in the way they want to, whether by playing sports or doing something else entirely.

Quad Kids

On Wednesday 24th may , the Athletics team went to Bannisters sports centre to compete in a borough-wide competition. Everyone had to take part in the same four events (600m run, standing long jump, vortex howler,75m sprint).


The way that it worked wasn't that the same year group went against the same year group, it would be that both Year 5 and 6 go against each other which made it harder for us but we kept going . 600m was the first event that took place which was a whole lap and a half , Followed by standing long jump for the girls and vortex howler for the boys. After we switched events. This was followed by the 75m sprint. There was a lot of pressure because we were 8 people representing the whole school. When we saw the other schools competing we were all actually quite shocked at the talent of the children and carried on. Everyone had tried their best and put in all of their effort. It was a wonderful experience to be there and participate in the events. My favourite one was the standing long jump because I found out something new I can do.


Article 3-The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all decisions and actions that affect children. The children and what is best for them should be at the centre of all decision making. This was used as we trained hard as it was our interest to get in the team.

Y6 vs Earlsmead

On May 22, 2023, Y6 Juniper and one of the Year 6 classes from Earlsmead Primary School had an inter-school class competition. The competition featured three different sports: cricket, dodgeball, and basketball. Despite being a competitive event, the atmosphere remained friendly and supportive. If any participant from the opposing school was unfamiliar with the rules of a particular sport, we took the initiative to help them understand and ensure a fair playing field. 


This competition conveyed valuable lessons to us. Firstly, it demonstrated that playing sports together can foster unity among people. Secondly, it emphasised the importance of respecting others' opinions and accepting that not every decision will align with our preferences, both in sports and in general life. The key takeaway was the significance of helping and supporting one another, extending our assistance even to the opposing team. Ultimately, the primary goal was for everyone to enjoy themselves, and we all congratulated each other for giving our best and providing support when it was most needed.


I particularly enjoyed basketball all because of the fact that it included the most teamwork and was the most active sport of the three. I also enjoyed dribbling through their players, passing and taking shots against the opposition. This competition is related to UNCRC article 31: Every child has the right to rest and play. Everyone in Juniper was taking part in activities that kept us moving and got us out of class. 

Girls Football Final

On Monday the girls football team went to Bannister's football pitch to play a tournament, we all had a great time and the year six’s enjoyed their last football tournament. The first match we played was against Heathland school and we won 1-0 thanks to Jal who scored the goal.

The second match was lost to Stanburn who scored an amazing first goal on the half-way line. We knew our performance needed to be better when that happened, after that we tried our best but still lost 4-0. The third game we lost 3-0 to St George’s but after Mr V’s pep talk we began to hold our heads high. Our last but not least match was against Cannon Lane and although it wasn’t official we still wanted to win. In the end, we won 2-1 and Mr V was so excited. Even though this was my last game at Newton Farm, l have enjoyed my football career all the highs and lows of it and I will continue to play football in high school- continuing to do what I love. This links to article 31 which shows diversity and our right to rest and play.

Y5 & Y6 Quad Kids

On Wednesday 3rd of May, the Athletics team went to Bannisters sports centre to compete in an borough-wide competition. Everyone had to take part in the same four events (600m run, standing long jump, vortex howler,75m sprint).The way that it worked wasn't that the same year group go against the same year group, it would be that both Year 5 and 6 go against each other which made it harder.

600m was the first event that took place. Followed by standing long jump for the girls and vortex howler for the boys. After we switched events. This was followed by the 75m sprint. There was a lot of pressure because we were 16 people representing the whole school.

When we saw the other schools competing we were all actually quite shocked at how everyone else was doing it but we held it together and carried on. Everyone had tried their best and put all of their effort. It was a wonderful experience to be there and participate in the events. Hopefully we can get to go again soon.

Article 31:that children and young people have the right to have fun in the way they want to, whether by playing sports, watching films, or doing something else entirely.

KS2 Trip to Lord's Cricket Ground

Basketball Champions

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On Thursday 27th of April, our basketball team set off to compete in a thrilling tournament that left us feeling exhilarated and victorious! We were a dynamic group of ten players, five of us from year six and five from year five, ready to show off our skills and compete against some of the best teams out there. We kicked off the tournament with a bang, winning all four of our matches with incredible scores! From the 8-3 victory to the 6-1 triumph, we were on a roll and it felt like nothing could stop us. Our teamwork, communication, and unwavering spirit drove us to success in each match. The stakes were raised as we made it to the quarterfinals, but we were ready to take on any challenge that came our way. We were divided into two groups based on our performance: the cup and the shield. And we were thrilled to have qualified for the cup quarterfinals, where we dominated yet again, winning 4-2. The semi finals were a real test of our abilities, as we faced a tough opponent in Grange. It was a close call, but we came out on top with a score of 14-12! The thrill of the game and the support of our teammates only fueled our passion and excitement as we headed into the cup finals. And what a final it was! We faced off against St Johns in an intense match that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Our opponents were fierce, but we were determined to come out on top. We played our hearts out, and in the end, our hard work paid off. We emerged victorious with a score of 8-5, and the joy and excitement that we felt in that moment was indescribable! Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) links to this story. This article states that "States Parties recognize the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts." By participating in the basketball tournament, the children were exercising their right to engage in play and recreational activities, which is an important aspect of their development and well-being. Moreover, the tournament provided the children with an opportunity to develop their teamwork, communication, and other life skills, which are crucial for their future success.

Year 6 at Longfield

On Wednesday 29th March, 27 of Year 6 children were chosen to represent Newton Farm in a range of sports against Longfield. 

From basketball to football to dodgeball, we enjoyed the trip incredibly(change to some other word) despite having lost a few games. It was an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our skills and compete against other schools and we learnt how to communicate with one another, how to never give up even if you lose and how to play fairly during the trip. 


These types of events helped to create a stronger bond with the school (better ro be between schools) for we have been given an invite to come back(the reason can be better). By representing our school and competing against other schools (Repeated, change another way of saying it), both me and the others (all of us)were able to showcase our hidden talents in sports and playing with other teams. 

Overall, it was a memorable experience for everyone and would make more of us try to participate in other trips. 


Article 31 - Everyone has the right to rest and play. 

Year 5 With Tottenham

During this half term, year 5 have been having some P.E lessons with some coaches from Tottenham all of year 5 have been polishing their skills on football ,and have been having great fun.


Throughout the first three weeks we have been learning many new techniques to dribble. Firstly we learnt the penguin touches, it is when one uses their insides of their foot only to dribble. Secondly we learnt the Gareth Bale touches is when you alternate with one foot on the inside and outside. Next were the Messi touches it is the same thing as the Gareth Bale touches but after once you don’t repeat you go onto the other foot. Finally the Son touches it when one uses their laces or velcros and dribbles forward.


Apart from dribbling we played matches of 3 pitches with 5 players on each team and we played each other. Apart from matches we played numbers, it is a game when each player is assigned a number and when their number is called out they play the opponents number person.


We really enjoyed having Tottenham coming in. 

Plate Winners

Football League Reflection

On Monday 28th of March, the boys football squad travelled to Bannisters to play some games against various schools. We travelled by bus and we were very excited to have a chance to win a tournament. When we arrived, we were given our match timetable and we warmed up, while Mr V observed our first opponent to help us have an upper hand against them.


In our first game we played St John’s, a decent school, who were very aggressive and determined to win. In the first half, it was neck and neck and then in the second half, we managed to turn things around and score three magnificent goals to win our first game. The three goals were scored by D’Andre as he was too quick and played around from the back. We were very pumped up, and Mr V told us we had to do exactly what we did in the first game, and we would win the rest.


In our second game, we faced Cannon Lane, our rivals and were a very good team, and they had an excellent midfielder. We were determined to win, and in the first half, the score remained 0 - 0. Then in the second half, we were given a corner and Ali scored a tap in. We were very motivated now, and Mr V said we have to win the rest of our games from now.

In our third game, we played Stanburn, one of the schools we had beat previously. We were ready to win, but in the first half it was 1 - 1 as I scored a volley and deflected from Harien. We had to win the game and in two minutes left I had passed the ball to D’Andre and finished it from the bottom corner. 


In our fourth game, we played Weald Rise, an alright school, and when the match ended, we were still 0 - 0, and we drew for the first time. We had to win our last two games, otherwise Mr V said we didn’t have a chance to win the tournament.

Before our fifth game, I had given the team a very inspirational pep talk and motivated us to win. We were playing Belmont and we won 2 - 0, with Yussuf scoring two brilliant goals at the end.


Lastly, we had played Marlborough and Mr V was very anxious, and told us we had to win, anyhow. He didn’t care by how much, he just wanted us to win. We kept on hitting the bar and it was frustrating us and thought we were going to lose the tournament. In the dying seconds I passed the ball to Yussuf and scored, winning 1 - 0,  that we would remember forever.


When we listened to  Kevin, the organiser announced that we had won the whole tournament. We were so happy, but had to contain it, because Mr V said we should be humble in victory and defeat. So, we remained invincibles , and when we got back to school, we were absolutely overjoyed.


By Nirajan

Y5 - Y6 Cross Country

On the 22 March 2023 a few people from Year 5 and Year 6 were selected to compete in a cross country competition at West Harrow Park. 


In our first run it was the year 5 girls, which were me and Hoyam. We ran as fast as we could around the pitch and struggled when going up; however this led us to be in the top 15.  


In our second run we had the year 5 boys, who were Reyansh and Zachariah. They really kept the standard high and were overtaking many people during the final lap, which led them to a high score. 


In our third race we were having the year 6 girls. The girls were Jal, Gia - Devi, Harshini and Amelia. In this race Mr V wanted them to push even harder. After the race was finished all of them did really well with Gia - Devi finishing 4th place which is amazing. 


In our last race we had the final four year 6 boys. They were Yussuf, D’Andre, Aarav and Samir. The boys did very well and had all finished in very good places with them finishing in the top 15.


All of the people that went to this competition really enjoyed it. 


The article that relates to this is article 31, in which everyone has the rights to rest and play. 


KS1 Sports Festival

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Today we went on a sports trip and it was so fun. My favourite activity was the egg and spoon race because I really liked to balance the egg on the spoon. My second favourite activity was when we had to balance the bean bag on my head and walk around and jump. 


Article 31 - Every child has a right to rest and play

Y3 - Y6 Girls Football

During our football match, we had to go to a school named Longfield. In total we scored six goals and the other team (Longfield) scored one. In the first match we had with Longfield we scored twelve goals and they scored zero, but when they challenged us again, with a stronger team, we were struggling to keep up what we did before. Despite this, we persevered and we were able to win, although it was not easy. We had to use our resilience ( which means never give up ) and our reciprocity ( which means to work as a team ) to win the match. Every child in the team was playing and interacting with the match and cheering for their team. This football match was extremely fun, but not only that is relates to a few of the articles. These articles are: Article 3- the best interests of a child, this is shown as all the children that went on the trip had interest in going.

Y5 + Y6 Boys Football (Barnet Cup Final)

On the 15 of March 2023, the Boys Football team went to the Hive and played in the Barnet Cup Finals. We had worked extremely hard in training to win this tournament and we had all depended on this. The squad was Navraj, Samir, Harien,me, Yussuf, Aarav, Priam, Nirajan and D’Andre. It was two 5 minute halves and we had a break to do substitutions in between.

In our first game we played St Josephs and we were able to secure a good 0-0 draw. However this could have all changed as their No.2 was an excellent dribbler and hit the post after Navraj dived but couldn’t reach. After that we had amazing chances from Nirajan and Yussuf but it just couldn’t reach the back of the net. After the match Mr V said that if we could draw to St Josephs we had passed the real test and could do something amazing in this tournament.

The next match we played Elmgrove and again it was a 0-0 draw, but it should have been 2-0 as we had 2 amazing chances from D’Andre but their goalkeeper was excellent and saved both of them. However the team as a whole was not that good and that 0-0 draw was disappointing but that could not have made us put our head down and we needed to carry on. Mr V said that our next game was a must win and if we did not then we would be out in the group stages.

Our last game was against St John Fisher , we started off strong and when we passed the ball they looked clueless and had no idea what to do. However we could have taken the lead by a great through ball by Nirajan to D’Andre but he couldn’t find the back of the net. However we got a corner in the last 2 minutes of the game. They intercepted it and started a counter attack he scored and we were out in the group stages.

Overall that was the end of our Barnet cup Finals and we played well and the most important part is that we enjoyed it.

The articles that relate to this is article 31 - Children have the right to rest and play.

Y3 + Y4 Boys Football vs Longfield

The boys got into their positions and started the game on concrete first . We had fun and enjoyed it and never gave up. This was also rishon old school and now they might be really good. The number 7 boy was brilliant. They were doing their skills. There were a couple of fouls but we were okay with that .Rishon scored the first goal. Everyone was happy but we had to carry on the game. The score was 2- 1 to us. After the half time we were happy with the game so far. Near the end of the game Rishon almost scored but then missed as the goalkeeper saved it brilliantly. After the game ended we won! but there was still another game on the grass, this time we shook hands. We put our game faces on and were ready for the next game. For a warm up we did some free kicks and passes. We started and we played fairly.  At the end we scored 4 nil to 0 nil.

Article 31 relates to this because we played the game calmly. We all were happy with the scores but some of us thought we could have done better and scored even more goals. I almost scored but it hit the post and Akshayan almost scored as well. We all said thank you to Longfield for welcoming us to their place. We all had a good time there.

Y3+Y4 Girls Football vs Longfield

On Monday 13th March the girls and boys football team went to Longfield school to play a friendly game. We got to the pitch and began the fearsome game. Eventually we started the first games with the girls on the field whilst the boys were on the concrete playing. I was in midfield and the girls in defence were Anya and Hasini. We were passing, moving and shooting with the ball. Yasmin scored the girls first few goals for the girls with the assistance of her team- mates. We tackled and shoved (without violence) to win and by the first half was over we were winning 4-0! In the second half, a shocking surprise occurred, someone on the other team was down one player! Anya politely helped the other team by going on their side. She was now our enemy! Despite losing Anya, we still managed to encourage each-other to win by 11-0. Yasmin miraculously managed to score all 11 goals with her new name eleven (not seven anymore). She couldn’t have done it without her team-mates. We didn’t give up even if there were some challenges.

The articles that relate to this is article 31 - Children have the right to rest and play.

We had loads of fun and hope to do this again.

Reflecting on the game, I think that our communication skills were good and we tackled well. We defended so that the other team didn’t have many chances. I think we could have improved on making sure that in defence that they don’t get distracted. We could have used more teamwork but overall we were all proud of our-selves and our team was overjoyed to see the win of 11 - 0. Thanks to Mr V for taking us. I’m looking forward to our next match.

Y5 + Y6 Girls Football League (Group Stage)

Playing in that 9-a-side match at Avanti House with my team was a real experience. We had a diverse squad of ten - Jeeya, Jal, Shakthika, Diyaana, Hayley, Gia-Devi, Aneesa, Harshini, Zara and me, Prathika. It was a real test of our perseverance, but we stuck it out and played our hearts out.

We managed to snag a win against Pinner Wood with a 1-0 score. But what really got me was the match against St John's Fisher. They were tough as nails, but we were the only ones who managed to score against them. Unfortunately, we lost 4-1, but it didn't dampen our spirits. It made us even more determined to play better.

Jal was on fire and scored all three goals, and it was amazing to see her shine. But it wasn't just her - the whole team played their hearts out, and it was the perfect example of teamwork. We all worked together, creating opportunities for Jal to score and putting up a solid defense.

We also had a match against Avanti House, and it was a close one. We managed to come out on top with a score of 1-0. It was a real nail-biter, but we held on and managed to secure the win. It just goes to show that every game is a new challenge, and we were ready for whatever came our way.

Overall, we did a great job. We came second place and showed grit, resilience and teamwork, and it was an awesome feeling to be part of such an amazing team. It's something we can all be proud of.



Article 31: Says that children and young people have the right to have fun in the way they want to, whether by playing sports.

Y3 with Tottenham FC



For the first few weeks before half term, we were doing PE with the Tottenham football club. We only had Pe with them on Tuesdays. The teachers’ names were Morgan, Johnny, and Tod. It was really fun doing it with them because they were quite funny and the sessions we did were really fun. They helped us with the sessions we did by telling us what to do and when we played a few matches, they saw that some teams/people were struggling so they decided to go in their team for a while.


During the sessions we had with the Tottenham Football Club, we learnt the different touches. They were the penguin, snake, cheetah and soul touches. For the penguin touches, you had to use the inside of both of your feet and for the snake touches you had to use your big toe and little toe using one foot only. For the cheetah touches, we had to use our laces which means you use the place of your foot where your laces usually are. Finally for the soul touches, we had to use the bottom of our foot to roll the ball around. 


While we were doing the sessions, we played a few matches (just for fun). We were set into different teams by the name of some colours. There were blue, green, yellow, white, and non - bibs. Whatever colour we were put in, we had to put that colour bib on. We also did the four touches and we practised our shooting.


The coaches had three medals. They were for three children who they thought did very well and tried their best throughout all sessions/lessons. They finally gave out medals.  We really enjoyed our time with them and we wish they could come back to us after half term.

Boys Football League - Group Stages

Reflection on Boys Football group stages


On 6th of February the Boys football team went to Banisters Sports Centre to play in our group stages of our league , This was to determine who plays who. This was going to be the biggest moment of our life. Each match was 30 minutes and the schools in our group were St Teresa's,Cannon Lane and St Anselm's.


First up was St Teresa's who was an amazing school who beat us 8 - 2. We were losing 2 - 1 and I had slotted a penalty to make it and even score. But out of nowhere we started to lack and it was a poor performance from us. 


Second was St Anselm's who had lost their previous game which was good for us. In the fifth minute they had a penalty and had us heads down. Mr V said keep your heads up resilience and D’ Andre and Me had scored two goals and we were safe now we had to beat our rivals Cannon Lane.


It was a tight game and outside the box I had scored a screamer that made my team happy. There were five minutes left and they had scored and were definitely not going to represent the school. There was a freekick and I needed to score to make our school survive and I had scored the freekick. Everyone was amazed. So we came second.


Overall we played very well as a team and even though we could have played better, we gave it our most and enjoyed the day.

Girls football @ Watford FC

Barnet FC tournament

On the 26th January 2023 the boys school football team went to a tournament at the hive. We travelled to the hive by train and bus. The hive was an astro turf big pitch with 3 pitches. We played 3 group stage matches and 1 friendly. 


The first match we played was against the school Marlorough. The referee for this match was the longfield coach. In this match we won 1-0. Nirajan, our captain, scored in this match. 


Our second match which was against the school Longfield. In this match we won 2-0. D’andre and Nirajan scored. 


Our last group stage match was against Heathland. The score for this match was 1-0. Once again D’andre scored again to win us the match. After this game we were told we had got into the finals. 


In the friendly we won 6-3. In this match I scored 4 goals, Nirajain scored 1 and then D’andre scored. 


In this tournament we could have improved in releasing the ball sooner as sometimes we took too many touches. We also needed to be more clinical to make sure we went through. Mr V also told us to keep hold of the possession instead of running into trouble. 

Y5 & Y6 Athletics

On Tuesday, the Athletics team went on trip to Harrow Leisure Centre to compete against 13 other schools in Harrow. Mr V took with him a mix of Year Fives and Sixes who competed in different events. There were two main types of events: Track and Field. 


Track was mainly made up of races (there were six different track events). These were the 1+1 lap relay, the 2+2 relay, the 4x1 lap relay, the Paarlaufs 6/8 laps, the obstacle relay and the over and under relay. These races were mostly about teamwork as they all consisted of more than one person taking part in one team at a time. The Field events also consisted of six different events. These were: standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, speed bounce, chest push and javelin. These events weren’t races but mostly tested our stamina and how strong our body was.


There was a brilliant commentator who cheered everyone on, and Mr V also helped do that. They helped remind us that it wasn’t really about what place we came; it was about the time we finished. If everyone else from the other schools had already passed the finish line, we knew that we should nonetheless go as fast as we could.


We used our resilience whilst on this trip; we didn’t give up and kept on going. The other school children were very competitive and despite whether or not we won the race, we knew that we did our best and that was what actually mattered. At the end, everyone was proud of themselves and so was Mr V. 

1+1 Relay

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Over & Under Relay Race

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Boys Football at Watford FC

On Tuesday 17th of January 2023, the year 5/6 boys football team competed in a tournament at Watford Training ground. Not only did we play a lot of football but we also saw five professional men's Watford players. We got a picture with Jeremy Ngakian and signed boots and footballs from Daniel Bachmann, Ken Sema, Vakoun Bayo and Edo Kayembe. There were eighteen teams competing in the tournament, three groups of six teams and the schools in our group were St Josephs, Morgan’s Primary School, Bowmangreen School, Sacred Heart and Cannon Lane.


Our first game was a loss to St Josephs but we at least did not want them to get a clean sheet so we played till the end until D’Andre scored his first goal of the tournament. The final score of the game was 2-1 to St Josephs. After the match we had a team-talk with our coach (Mr V)  and with our captain (Nirajan). This got the whole team motivated for the next game. Our second game was against Morgan’s Primary School. We played much better than in the first game and the outcome of that match was a draw 0-0. Another team-talk with Nirajan and we were onto our next game.


This game was against Bowmangreen School and we went on to win that match 2-0 one of the goals being scored by D’Andre and the other goal scored by Yussuf. This meant that after three games, we were on four points. Next was the match against Sacred Heart who we managed to beat although we were trailing by one goal. We kept our strength and got the comeback to win 2-1. Both of our goals were scored by D’Andre, one of them being an outstanding scissor kick. This got us up to seven points. The last match was going to be tough and we had to win to have a chance of going through to the semi-finals.


Our team was winning with two goals, one from Nirajan and one from Priam. With thirty seconds to go our team slacked off a bit and our defence was broken, letting Cannon Lane to score and the match ended 2-2. Although being runners up in our group we did not have enough points or goals to be the runners up that played in the semis. It was a good tournament for us but it could have been better. We all have things we need to improve after all.

KS1 Sports Festival

When we went on the sport trip my favourite activity was penalties because I love to play football and score loads of goals. My second activity was a memory game because we had to guess which item was missing.


Article 31 - Every child has a right to rest and play

Y3 + Y4 Girls Football vs Earlsmead

On Tuesday, Newton Farm girls played a friendly match against Earlsmead. We all really enjoyed it because football is a fun sport and it is good for your health as you have to run a lot which is what we did on Tuesday. All of the Newton farm girls who were playing were overjoyed and satisfied as we won!!! The Newton Farm girls scored 7 goals and Earlsmead scored 2.


Yasmin scored all 7 goals for our team, but she could only do this with the support of my teammates. Being honest, I think that our team had to mark the Earlsmead players a bit more because if we did, they would not have scored any goals, but our defenders defended very well. Not only did the defenders defend well, but they also tackled the girls in the other team and passed it to our teammates. By the way, the midfielders played very well as well and created more opportunities for our team to win. 


We all know that we did well as our PE teacher ( Mr V ), mentioned that to all players in our team. We were all proud of ourselves and I am sure that our teachers were too.

Y3 + Y4 Boys Football ( Watford Fc Tournament)

On Tuesday Y3+Y4 went to a Watford Fc tournament at Cedars. We played 7 matches.Won 2, drew 1 and lost 4. We found the tournament hard as there were many top schools there. Overall we played alright but we could have played better,we gave all our effort into it.

We look forward to working hard and use the experience to help us to do better next time.

Y3 + Y4 Boys Football vs Earlsmead

Today I will be talking about the year 3 and year 4 football match played by the Newton Farm boys. By the way this was very fun and I was ecstatic! I will first tell you about when we were two nil down and I was so frustrated because of the people dribbling past us but luckily we got our mojo back when I dribbled through 2 players and SCORED!!!!! It was 2-1 and we were happy again. I passed the ball  and I dribbled and nutmeged the keeper. It was a goal . The team was overjoyed and I was full of pride.


Next thing I know we were running down the wing and all of the team was running through and the cross was from Akschayan. Boom! Bottom corner goal we were winning . ‘Yes’ I had said. The team went wild with joy. Our dream had come true. But since the game was still playing Mr V said to not be too over confident so we kept on going.


Furthermore the other team played short from a corner and dribbled past 1 player and OH NO !!!! They scored and we were angry but we kept playing. We rebuilt our confidence and were back in positions. I played the ball very far down the line to Vishaan and he paced through and yes he scored. WOOP WOOP! We went back on the score sheet and it was a superior move from back line to up top and Mr V congratulated us. 5-2  we had to keep up the great play.

Barnet Cup

The tournament at Barnet FC was great. We came 3rd in our group. We played 5 matches; won two matches, lost one, but drew 2. There were some really good teams there, so I think we did well, but could improve. If we won against Grange instead of drawing against them, we might have come second in our group. The teams we played against were St Joseph’s, Grange, Camrose, St Teresa’s and Kenmore Park.


Against St Joseph’s we drew 1-1. Nirajan scored a penalty down the middle of the goal. It was a great shot. In our second game against Grange we drew 1 - 1 again. Nirajan scored for us again. Our third match, which was against Camrose, we won 1-0 from Yussuf’s goal. Our toughest match yet, was against St Teresa’s, where we lost 2-0. This was due to our worse play. Our final match was our highest score yet: 2-0 against Kenmore Park. Nirajan and D’Andre both scored a goal each. 


Overall we played very well as a team and even though we could have played better, we gave it our most and enjoyed the day.

Y5 + Y6 Boys Football vs Roxboune

On the 11th November 2022 Newton Farm had faced Roxbourne who had previously beaten us 8 - 2! But this year we had used our growth mindset to get a win this time.Both games were 20 minutes for 2 ten minute halves.


As soon as the whistle blew the match had started we were pressing their lines and were making them under pressure. They were panicked of us as we were taking many shots by not any goals. This was not good for the team and when half time went we gathered Mr V, he told us we need to score more goals. As soon as his speech had finished we were determined to win this match. It was only five minutes left until full time and I passed D ‘Andre and was dribbling until both of their players fouled him.It was a pen.The fans were booing me as I was going take the penalty.There was sweat. As I kicked the ball it went to the back of the net and my school was cheering.


I had scored the winner and my school was wild and the match ended 1 - 0 to the boys.


Article 31: Everyone has the right to rest and play.

Y5 + Y6 Girls Football vs Roxbourne

On Friday 11th November, the people in both the girl's and boy’s football team played against Roxbourne’s girl’s and boy’s team. Unfortunately, we lost 2 to 1 to them. The people who played were Asha, Ayushka, Diyanna, Gia-Devi, Hayley, Jal, Jeeya, Prathika, Shakthika, Reema, Zara and a new addition to our team: Aneesa. The match was split in half, 10 mins in each.

At the start, the game was intense as it was nil-nil and we struggled to gain goals (but so did the other team) and the ball was taken up and down. By the time we knew it, it was half-time and the score was still nil-nil. We all had a team talk and subs were swapped in and we started playing again. Mr V told us all to ‘get aggressive’ with them and so we followed this. This is what gave us our first  goal, scored by Jeeya, our team captain. 

This game is linked to one of our four R’s: Resilience. Although we lost we were able to persevere through. ‘Whether we win or lose, it's a learning curve.’ was quoted by Mr V which is absolutely true. This also links to Article 2 as we are shown no discrimination of not playing the sport because we are girls and Article 31 which is every child has a right to rest and play (this was for us to play football).

Y4 Trust Move and Learn Programme with Watford FC.

Watford football reflection

During the past 6 weeks, we had Watford Football in Year 4 and everyone really enjoyed it! Our coaches were called Luke, Conner, Ruby and Melissa.  We did 45 minutes of active activity and 45 minutes of learning about staying healthy and hydrated and different things to help us stay fit.  We all loved the varied sports we did, including football, handball and dodgeball. Our favourite was handball and dodgeball. We also had the opportunity to make your own position in the game of snowball tag. You are probably already eager to start  Watford Football but save your excitement for the end… 


Week 1/2 - On week 1 and 2 we did  dodgeball and we learnt about keeping fit and what is physical and mental health and how to stay healthy.


Week 3/4 -On week  3 and 4  we did football, and we  also drew  circles showing a healthy mix for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We learnt about the food groups.


Week 5/6 , we wrote letters to ourselves, thinking about the key messages to take away, setting ourselves  an active goal, our favourite part and  what we could improve. Here are our examples. 


Dear Kayden and Aliza,


My favourite part of the program  has been the outside sports  because  it  was so fun and exciting. I think that the program could be better if we had more time to do physical activity everyday, more time to do the activities as I was having so much fun and it went so fast!  The key messages I took away from the program was to  stay  fit , drink 6 -8 cups of water a day, have a varied meal and do 60 minutes of active activity per week.  Now that we have finished the program, we will set ourselves  a new goal/target which is to stay healthy. I want to do these things to grow muscles.


We really enjoyed the program and hope to do it again. 


Y5 + Y6 Boys Football vs Earlsmead

The game started off with Newton farm attacking and attacking never giving up which ended up with a power shot from D’andre.After a minute, We had the momentum which led into Narjan scoring a beautiful goal.At half time, Mr V said to us the way we were playing was amazing so we carried on which made Yussuf  score a brace ( two goals) in the second half.In the third quarter, Yussuf scored a wonderful goal such as D’andre.It was the fourth quarter where Ali scored his first goal for the team and another D’andre goal.Newton farm were happy as they won 10-1. At the end, we had a penalty shootout which we won again.Next time we want to win again and use the same mental skills such as resilience more as the way the team  did it on the pitch was amazing.After the game performance,Every child the right to help which article 26 was shown as the team and school uses every day to improve their talents which is important in school.

Netball vs Earlsmead

On Monday 18th October the people in the Netball team had a match against Earlsmead.  Luckily we won. The score was 5 to 2 to them. The people on our team were: Amelia, Yussuf, Hansika, Rokshiga, Nirajan, Aarav, Reema, Jal, Hayley and D'Andre. 


Despite the fact that at different times, we had made mistakes we still continued the game.  Because it was our first game we did feel quite nervous but we had managed to not give up and try our best. Overall, we had done good with it all. Mr V was really supportive of us and the other team in the match. The Earlsmead team was actually quite good. They had fast passes so it was hard for us to defend and get the ball.


Our game links in Article 2 as we were playing Netball as a team of girls and boys which shows equality between girls and boys.  Overall, it was fun and a nice experience to be a part of . Hopefully we can have this kind of match again and improve on what mistakes we have made.

Title Y5 + Y6 Cross Country

On Thursday 13th October 20 Y5 & Y6  took part  in a cross country run. This was our home ground so we were all ready for the most nerve racking moment in our life. Everyone was sweaty as we are in Year 6 with a new experience for us running a lot of laps,(2 and a half laps = 2.5 miles) and Y5 (1 and half laps = 1.5 mile) Many schools participated in the cross country competition organised in our school.


 Once the race started I was a bit nervous so were my teammates and I could also see the girls also nervous by looking at their faces. This was our time to win, but a lot of us had used our growth mindsets and was keep on running, but as a result all of us did a decent job and could do more better. Me and all of the people from are school showed great resilience and after the race ended we all rested and reflected on ourselves and that in the future we could have done better.


Everyone could have done better, but we had performed well of the girls going fast and and analyse how hard it was and then run. But as an overall all of Newton farm had done well and so as the Year 5’s.Everyone can achieve their dreams and believing ourselves and that we had done.

Girls' Football Reflection

On Monday 10th October the people in the Girls' Football team had a match against Earlsmead. Unfortunately, we lost 7 to 2 to them. The people on our team were Asha, Ayushka, Diyaana, Gia-Devi, Hayley, Jal, Jeeya, Prathika, Shakthika, Reema and Zara.The match was in quarters with 10 mins in each.


Even though at various points we fell or got hurt we continued the game. Since it was our first game we know that we have multiple points where we have to improve on. Our match was overall good and the goals Jal scored were two really good goals,the other team scored well too. Mr V was really supportive of us in the match. The other team's tackles were good and we were quite surprised how aggressive they were, putting pressure on the ball and trying to keep the ball into our half. 


The other team's attack was really good but our defending side was really good and I think that with our attacking side we could work on that. When we got the ball, lots of the other team would rush around that player and then our team would try to help so we would end up crowding the ball. 


This links to article 31 and 2 which is you have a right to rest, play, culture, arts and you have a right to not be discriminated against. Our match links as we were playing football as a team of girls which show equality between girls and boys and also Mr V also let us have some time to rest and he put subs on and off. We had to have 5 or 10 minutes to get our energy back while other people played and I think the whole team liked it too. 


Overall, it was fun and a nice experience to be a part of .Hopefully we can have this kind of match again and improve on what mistakes we have made .Everyone enjoyed and tried their best and that was the only thing Mr V cared about. Quoted by Mr V ‘No matter if we win or lose this will be a learning curve for us all’. Prathika was the person of the match and I am sure we would all agree because she was in defence and had tried many different ways to tackle and actually got the ball of them multiple times too.

Women's Euro Football Competition

Children from years 2-5 competed in a Women's Euro's football competition in which they represented 5 different countries which were; England, Portugal, France, Germany and Spain.

Y5 & Y6 Sports Day

Y5 Girl's Sprint

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Y5 Boy's Sprint

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Y6 Girl's Sprint

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Y6 Boy's Sprint

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Y3 Girl's Sprint

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Y3 Boy's Sprint

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Y4 Girl's Sprint

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Y4 Boy's Sprint

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Year 1 Girl's Sprint

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Year 1 Boy's Sprint

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Year 2 Girl's Sprint

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Year 2 Boy's Sprint

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Nursery & Reception Sports Day

Y3 + Y4 Basketball

Basketball Reflection


On Thursday 7th July, 8 people got selected to compete against 5 schools.  The Basketball tournament was set in Nower Hill High School , once we arrived we started with a warm up to get us ready for the tournament. We played against 5 different schools in which after each game we improved as a team. 


It was a great experience and I have learnt a lot from this experience and hopefully I get selected again next year.


Article 31 - The right to be able to rest and play.

Y5 + Y6 Basketball

Basketball Reflection 


On Wednesday, we had a basketball tournament against several other schools. The schools that we competed against were: Pinner Wood, Pinner Park, Roxbourne and Grange. When we arrived we were given the match timetable and started warming up.


Our first game was against Pinner Park school which we found a tough competition. They won against Newton Farm and we were all very disappointed. Although, in the second match against Roxbourne we did much better. The score was 5-1 to Newton Farm. In the third match we played Grange. With good defending and amazing shooting, we won against Grange 4-0. Finally, for our last match we played against Pinner Wood. They were the toughest competition we had played. Unfortunately we lost to them 6-4 and were a little disappointed as we really wanted to win our last game.


Overall, we found this experience enjoyable and were happy that we had won 2 matches.


Article 31 - The right to be able to rest and play.

Netball League - Group stages

Netball League - Group stages - Passing, Moving and Shooting

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Group Stages:


On Tuesday we had a tournament against several schools which were Heathland, Pinner wood and Weldon Park . We were all really excited but nervous at the same time as we really wanted to win all the matches. 


Our first match was against Heathland. The total score was 18-0 to Newton Farm. Those amazing goals were scored by Isha, Oliwier, Vikashini, Makhathi and Aarav across the four quarters. Our second match was played against Pinner Wood, the total score being 7-1 which as you can tell the team was better than the last. Isha - 1, Vikashini - 2, Makhathi - 2, Shraya - 1, Nirajan - 1. Our last was the decider whether we were going to win the tournament and with all our hard work we won the game. The game was very tight as the final score was 6-1. 3 goals scored by Isha, 2 by Makhathi and 1 by Vikashini. 


Overall, it was fun and we were overjoyed we won though we wouldn’t have done without Mr V’s excellent coaching. 


Article 31 - The right to be able to rest and play.

England vs Ivory Coast

Getting ready for the game

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Lights Show

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Players Coming Out

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National Anthem

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Girl's Bowls Champions!!

Football reflection


On Monday 16th May, the girls football team went to The Hive to participate in a league competition. We did extremely well and won every match we played. We played Stanburn Primary, Grange, a friendly against Roxbourne and played Stanburn again. We then played against the other group’s winner - St Josephs, in a final. 


When we came to the tournament we didn’t expect to win the whole thing . All the games we played were done on the new pitches that had wider goals. The rules were a bit different but it was nothing we couldn't handle. It was some fierce and close competition when we played Stanburn. The score was 2-4. We beat Grange by 11-1 and we beat Roxbourne 5-0. Due to some absence from other schools, we played Stanburn again and won that match too. 


So far into this competition we were shocked by all these teams that we had defeated and we weren’t planning on stopping our winning streak either. The last team was St Josephs. Some of us were a bit nervous about playing against them but there were some amazing goals by Makhathi, Shraya and Vikashini and some great defending. We won the game by 7-0. We were ecstatic when we were announced the winners of this competition. 


By the end we still remained undefeated and were the champions. We had a great time and it was a fantastic experience. Overall, there were some surprising goals by Sia and Shraya, awesome defending by Isha and Jeeya, great midfielding by Aniqa and some brilliant striking by Makhathi and Vikashini. This was probably the last football competition of primary school that the y6’s played and we made sure that we had an exceptional time. We returned to school as the Super Bowl champions for girls! And of course, we thank Mr V for all the training and effort he has done for the girls football team in the past year. 

Boy's Bowls Champions!!

Football League Reflection

On Monday 28th of March, the selected boys football squad travelled to the Hive to play some games against various schools. We travelled by train and we were very excited to have a chance to win a tournament. When we arrived, we were given our match timetable and we warmed up, while Mr V observed our first opponent to help us have an upper hand against them.

In our first game we played St John’s, a very talented school, who were very aggressive and determined to win. In the first half, they led 1 - 0, and then in the second half, we managed to turn things around and score two magnificent goals to win our first game. The two goal scorers were D’Andre and Steven. We were very pumped up, and Mr V told us we had to do exactly what we did in the first game, and we would win the rest.

In our second game, we faced Camrose, and they had an excellent goalkeeper. We were determined to win, and in the first half, the score remained 0 - 0. Then in the second half, we were given a penalty and Olwier scored spectacularly. We were very motivated now, and Mr V said we have to win the rest of our games from now.

In our third game, we played Avanti House, one of the schools we had beat previously. We were ready to win, but unfortunately we went the whole game without scoring once, and we drew 0 - 0. We were still not worried, because we were undefeated, and we got ready for our next game.

In our fourth game, we played Grimsdyke, a very good school, and when the match ended, we were still 0 - 0, and we drew again. We had to win our last two games, otherwise Mr V said we didn’t have a chance to win the tournament.

Before our fifth game, Mr V gave us a very inspirational pep talk and motivated us to win. We were playing Stanburn, a team that had beaten us last time, but we fought, and we won 1 - 0, with D’Andre scoring a brilliant goal at the end.

Mr V was very anxious, and told us we had to win, anyhow. He didn;t care by how much, he just wanted us to win, so we did what he wanted us to do and won 1 - 0, with D’Andre again, scoring the goal that we would remember forever.

When we sat down, we were very nervous, and when Kevin, the organiser announced that we had won the whole tournament, we were so happy, but had to contain it, because Mr V, said we should be humble in victory and defeat. So, we received our medals, and when we got back to school, we were absolutely overjoyed. We went straight to Mr Bradley and Miss Pindoria and they were so happy that we had won. We were the first team in Newton Farm history to have won a football tournament.

Boys Football League - Group stages

Group Stage Reflection


On Monday 21st March 2022, the selected boys football team went to Avanti House Secondary School to play a group stage tournament. The teams involved were Whitchurch, Avanti House Primary School, St Anselms and Newton Farm (our team). When we got onto the pitch, Mr V gave us a motivational pep talk about how we should play, and encouraged us to keep going and win. 


Our first match was against Whitchurch and we managed to score five goals in total, four in the first half and one in the second. We didn’t concede a single goal. The goal scorers were Steven, Shivam and D’Andre. D’Andre scored two goals, and the other team scored an own goal. We were very motivated by our first win and we went into the second match with a lot of confidence.


In our second match, we played Avanti House Primary School, and we got three goals, two in the first half and one in the second. We conceded no goals. The goal scorers in this match were our two wingers, Nirajan and Oliwier and our striker, D’Andre. Mr V was very excited that we might win, but he told us that just because we won our first two games, doesn’t mean that we have qualified. We still had one game left.


In our third match, we faced St Anselms and we surprisingly managed to win and score twelve goals in our victory. We didn’t concede a single goal and kept a clean sheet throughout the whole tournament. We scored five in the first half and seven in the second. So, Nirajan scored five goals, D’Andre scored two, Oliwier scored four and, Aarav A, managed to get one goal. 


The experience was very nice and as a team we enjoyed coming out of school, having fun and just playing football. The win was also good, but we had fun, which was the most important part.

Girls Football

On Friday 18th of March, the Girls Football Team went to Barnet Fc and played against three schools: St Bernadette’s 1, Roxbourne and St Bernadette’s 2. We were all very excited for this experience at the Hive but nervous at the same time too.


The first school we played was St Bernadette which has two teams so we faced the second one in our first game. The score was 1-0 to St Bernadette’s 2. We knew what we had to do to improve. Unfortunately in our next game where we played against St Bernadette’s 1, the score was 2-0 but we knew we were doing better than we had done before. 


In our last game, we played Roxbourne and the score was 3-0. We had won by two great goals by Vikashini and 1 amazing goal by Makhathi. We played together as a team and we know what we have to improve to win more games in the future. Overall, the whole team loved the experience of playing against other teams in the Hive and enjoyed playing football.


Article 31 - Every child has the right to rest and play.

Girls Football at Watford Fc

Warm Up

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Our number 1

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On Tuesday 1st March, the girls football team competed at a Watford FC Tournament against seven other schools. Our first match started off low, but using our mistakes, we won the second match 3-0, 1 shot by Vikashini and 2 by Makhathi; our defence was great. The 3rd, 4th and 5th matches were greeted by losses, but we came back on the 6th match, by a 4-0 win, 4 scored by Makhathi and they were all because of VIkashini’s amazing assists. We were a little bit disappointed by our last match, where we lost 2-1: we could have scored more.


Overall, it was an amazing experience and we enjoyed it very much. The chance to play in Watford’s dome was a once- in a lifetime opportunity, and we would never forget it. 


Article 31: a right to relax and play.

Boys Football at Watford Fc

Getting ready for the big day!

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On Monday 28th of February, 8 selected boys from Year 5 and Year 6 attended a Football Tournament at the Watford FC training ground.


We played 8 games in total, winning 1, drawing one, and unfortunately losing the rest. The point system granted a team 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. All the schools that we faced were all physically very strong, and it gave our entire team a challenge to go up against. Even though we weren’t able to qualify to the next stage, all that matters now is the experience as it is an absolutely incredibly rare and fantastic opportunity to be able to play at a professional football team’s training ground - I highly doubt that many schools have such opportunities to play at a professional football team’s training ground. I’m pretty sure that we could have performed better than what we showed on the day of the tournament, as we show it in training, but the next step is to actually show the energy we show in training in competitions.


Overall, we had lots of fun, and although we didn’t qualify through to the next stage, maybe the next school’s team going there will be able to qualify.


Grange - Video & reflection

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On Friday 11th February we had a fun and friendly competition against Grange Primary. We competed in 3 sports which were Quick Cricket, Netball and Dodgeball. We were first split into different groups so one group played one sport whilst one was resting on the side-lines.

Upon the arrival of Grange, Mr V and their PE teacher explained the rules of each sport out loud. After this, the groups were sent to the sports that they were instructed to go to. My group was first sent to play Netball. After a while of settling down, the games began.

Netball, in my opinion, was the best out of the three sports. It was really fun and thrilling. Grange were certainly a fierce competition. For this sport, some key skills included speed and communication, which both sides had shown. This was not only fun but was also a display of teamwork and a great opportunity for both sides to show sportsmanship.

The next sport was Quick Cricket. This sport is played by putting 2 balls on 2 tees and hitting it with a bat. You have to run side to side after each shot and the aim of the game was to manage to get the maximum amount of runs you could get. You could score runs by hitting the ball very far and running as fast as you could. Skills needed for this were strength and speed because you had to run as fast as possible and hit the ball as far as possible.

The last and final sport was Dodgeball. The aim of the game is to get as many people out as you can. This is done by throwing the ball at your opponent’s body. If you throw the ball and your opponent manages to catch it, you are out. This was also really engaging and fun for both teams as balls were flying everywhere which made it very hard to dodge or catch. Grange was particularly good at this sport and I myself got out a couple of times!

Both sides, Newton Farm and Grange, were very tired yet everyone shook hands and showed good sportsmanship throughout this event. Both sides went back with a smile on their face.

Y5+Y6 Cross Country

On Friday, 26th of November, Year 5 and Year 6 had a cross country competition to represent the school. There were four schools: Newton Farm, Cannon Lane, Marlborough and Alexandra School. There were 20 people in one race. First, it was Year 5 girls racing then, it was Year 5 boys racing, Year 6 girls and finally Year 6 boys. Newton Farm did really well, in every race, someone from Newton Farm school was in the top three.

The thing that we could improve on is that we could not sprint as much at the start and save the sprint for the last lap.

The article was Article 31 as we had to run and running is a sport.

Netball team Vs Earlsmead primary school.

On Wednesday 11th November, Newton Farm’s very own Year 5 and Year 6 netball team competed against Earlsmead Primary school, in a very tense and exciting game. It was our first ever match of the season! 


When the game started in the first quarter, our movement and teamwork managed us to get  off to a great start leading 11 - 1! Ten of these goals were scored by Makhathi and the other one was scored by Nirajan. There was a rotation in which we had to follow and so the positions and substitutions changed every quarter. In the second quarter, we had won again 4 -1, which was also amazing, thanks to Isha and Shraya. In the third quarter, 5-0 was the final result, scored by Vikashini and Aarav A. The 4th quarter was very tight and we lost 2-1, the goal was scored by Dev. We won 21 - 4. Due to the fact that we had more time at the end, we played a fifth quarter, which was also very thrilling. 


At the end of the whole game, Mr V chose Aarav A as Man of the Match, due to his defensive skills, movement and passing. Overall, the whole team had found this experience very enjoyable and fun and we hope to have more of them in the future.


Article 31 - I have a right to rest and play.


Girls Football Team Vs Grange


On Wednesday the girls football team played their first match of the season against Grange Primary School. We were all excited and nervous at the same time.

When the match started we started well but we found ourselves begin 1-0 down at halftime. During half time we discussed as a team what we should improve on. From that talk we won 2-1 with two amazing goals by Makhathi and Vikashini. We was all so excited as this was our first match and we used our resilience to win the game.

Then we got to play another match. We were all so confident going into the next match. As the first half began we passed and moved the ball well and we managed to score three goals in the first half. Goals were scored by myself , Makhathi and Vikashini. The game ended 3-0 and we loved every minute of it.

Article 31 - A right to rest and play

Boy's Football Vs Grange


On Wednesday the Y5 & Y6 Boys played a football match against Grange Primary School. When the Whistle blew we immediately got to work straight away. We managed to get a goal first in which we were all excited. Just after half time we scored another goal in which we won the first game 2-0.

We were lucky enough to play another match in which we made loads of passes which led us to getting a goal. We had many chances but the game finished 1-0 and we got the victory and everyone was extremely happy as we got the victory.

Article 31 - A right to rest and play

Y6 Trip to Longfield School

The school trip to Longfield,

Not just me but half of the Year 6 were extremely lucky to get a wonderful opportunity to play three very interesting games against another school, Longfield. We had lots of fun with them. The playground was separated into exactly three sections: The first one was quick cricket, next came Dodgeball and lastly handball.

The team we were playing against was very supportive and disciplined. One of my personal favourite games was handball because it was like netball, which I really desire. We had 8 minutes to play each game since there were only five in each group and everyone had to have a chance to take part in each of the games. We had to use a lot of reciprocity and resilience to tackle problems and think about where and how we could move, especially for handball and Dodgeball. Most of all I have to reflect on what I did really well and what I could maybe improve on.

This relates to article 31-Everyone has the right to relax and play.

Barnet Fc Professional Football Visit.

 It was great to have Barnet professional footballers Ephron Mason - Clark and Ben Richards - Everton coming in and having a Q&A session with Y6

Y4 With Watford FC - Trust Joy of Moving Programme

Reflection - PE with Watford


For the past six wonderful weeks, we had PE with Watford. First, we would have a theory lesson indoors and after that we had a practical lesson. For two weeks we did football, the next two weeks handball and the last two dodgeball. For our theory lessons we learnt about physical activity, body and mind, eatwell guide, meal planning, hydration and joy of moving.


I think these lessons were wonderful, both theory and practical and I am sure my friends would agree with me.


These lessons also link with the articles below.

Article 24: Every child has a right to be healthy, have food, and water.


This linked because we learnt about the eatwell guide, meal planning and hydration which is being healthy, having food and water.

Article 31: Every child has a right to rest and play 

This linked because what we were doing was playing a few different games.


I have really enjoyed these last few weeks and I hope we have Watford again soon!