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Harrow Borough FC

Harrow Borough FC Vs Taunton Town Fc

On Saturday 26th of February pupils from our school football team went to watch Harrow Borough football vs Taunton Town. Taunton had to travel a long way as well as their supporters, and although they had won Harrow Borough before, we supported their opponents.


Unfortunately by half time, Harrow borough were losing 2 - 0. Throughout the second half, we were all cheering for Harrow Borough, all so into the game as Harrow pushed themselves to get two goals levelling it 2 - 2 for the moment. Some of us were so excited that we went down the steps to the bottom seats and stood in front of them, behind the linesman, watching the final third of the game (30 mins).


Harrow Borough were much more physical in this half and were on the attack more often, getting more opportunities for goals, several of which were slightly off target or saved by the keeper. Taunton had some good chances too, getting on a counter attack sometimes and were so close to getting another goal but it was saved by the Harrow Borough goalkeeper. Near the end of the match, Harrow Borough scored a fantastic goal giving them the win by three goals to two. As the players walked off the pitch, many of us got a chance to see them up close and congratulate them for their win. We all enjoyed the experience very much.